Sub-zero Smash

Additional Effect: Paralysis. Damage varies with TP.


Spell cost: 44
Monster Type: Aquans
Spell Type: Physical Blunt
Blue Magic Points: 4
Stat Bonus: HP+10 VIT+3


Cast Time: 1 second
Recast Time: 30 seconds

Combines With...

Can be paired with one of the following spells to create Fast Cast combo.



  • Often used when a player behind the mob pulls hate, but can still be used at any time.
  • If soloing as Blue Mage to obtain this spell, there's a high chance of seeing this spell if you put the Ruszor to sleep just before it hits 25% HP. You can then disengage, position yourself behind the mob and use a mildly damaging spell that will drop the enemy below 25% and will most likely force Sub-zero Smash.

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info

Level 3 Skillchains
Light-squareFire-square Fusion Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation = Light-squareFire-squareLightning-squareWind-square Light
Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation Light-squareFire-square Fusion = Light-squareFire-squareLightning-squareWind-square Light
Level 2 Skillchains
Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation = Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation
Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation Water-squareIce-square Distortion = Water-squareIce-square Distortion
Level 1 Skillchains

Acquired From

Mob Family: Ruszor
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 63 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 66 without Magus Jubbah
Name Level Zone
Ruszor 78-81 Beaucedine Glacier (S)
Savage Ruszor 79-82 Xarcabard (S)


FFXI - Blue Magic Spell - Sub-Zero Smash

FFXI - Blue Magic Spell - Sub-Zero Smash

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