Mission Name Studying Up
Number 4-2-2
Repeatable No
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Sajj'aka A Vow of Truth
Replay Cutscenes
Studying Up Jedelaih Celennia Memorial Library


  • Return to the Alpine Trail at (H-5) in Kamihr Drifts and select yes to enter Mount Kamihr and receive another scene with Arciela and Sajj'aka.
    • Answer Yorcia Weald, Morimar, and The Serpentine Labyrinth to his questions.
  • After the cutscene, you will be immediately ejected to Kamihr Drifts. You cannot reenter Mount Kamihr for the time being.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have learned all you can at Celennia Memorial Library. Return to Mount Kamihr and seek another audience with Sajj'aka.