Start NPC Klara Entrance to Metalworks (H-6) in Bastok Markets (S)
Requirements Must be on the In the Name of the Father Mission.
Repeatable No
Reward Icarus Wing
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Purple, The New Black

Burden of Suspicion

Fire in the Hole


  • Zone into Bastok Markets (S) for a cutscene.
    • You must zone in from North Gustaberg (S); Warping and Retracing do not work.
    • You will also need to wait for the next game day after completing the previous quest.
  • Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) (H-6) in front of the Metalworks.
    • The quest now appears in your log.
  • Go to North Gustaberg (S) and click the monument at the top of Zegham Hill (J-7).
    • Enter the hill at around (I-8) to climb up. On the second level, head counterclockwise around the mountain to reach the ramp to the third level. Then head clockwise around to reach the final ramp.
  • Go to Grauberg (S) and click on the ??? inside a cave at the top left corner of (I-6) for a cutscene and an Icarus Wing.
    • Taking a Survival Guide teleport to Grauberg (S) is much faster than walking.
    • The entrance to the cave is at the southeast corner of (H-5).
    • It is the same ??? used for Fires of Discontent.

Game Description

Klara (Entrance to Metalworks, Bastok Markets (S))
Senator Karst has left unescorted for a meeting with chairman Pale Eagle. You are to accompany Mythril Musketeer Volker to the rendezvous point and bear witness to the exchange between the two leaders.

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