Mission Name Storm's Crescendo
Number 32
Items Needed KeyItemAlchemical signal flare
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Prelude to a Storm Into the Beast's Maw

Xarcabard (S)


  • Check the Rally Point:Blue (H-8 top left corner) in Xarcabard (S) for a cutscene, and you will be given the KeyItemAlchemical signal flare.
    • If you fail the mission, you can only get the key item once per Vanadiel day.
  • Check the Excavated Snow to enter the assault (see Assault section for details).
  • After winning the assault, check Rally Point:Red at (F-8) for a cutscene.


Storm's Crescendo
  • Buffs wear upon entry. Time limit is 30 minutes, and alter egos can be summoned inside, but they will not be useful.
  • Begin by talking to Antje, who will give an explanation of the assault. You will be granted the Flee effect. It is renewed every time you talk to an NPC while it is still active.
    • If you talk to an NPC without Flee effect, all NPCs will reset their status, and all party members will be warped to the beginning.
      • This assault is generally easier when attempted solo, due to the possibility of interference.
    • If you get stuck or lost, you can continue your progress by using Flee as a Thief, or Powder Boots.
  • The objective is to explode 24 charges throughout the tunnel. Each explosion will occur in the direction where you ought to run next.
  • There are Falxfang Tigers throughout the zone and will aggro by sight. They move at Flee speeds and cannot be slept, gravitied, or bound.
  • There is a Republic Ensign flag near Antje which can be used to teleport around Ghoyu's Reverie. This can be useful for divvying up work between party members, but all must talk to Antje at the same time.
  • Once all 24 explosive charges have detonated, return to Antje to exit the assault and view a cutscene.
  • Flee wears off with barely enough time to finish the quest. If you stand around at all to wait for a tiger to move, you will fail. If you see a tiger just keep running and do your best to avoid it by going the long way around if needed.
  • Overall, be patient. Even with the route map above, until you remember the exact route, you may fail again and again until you do.


  • KeyItemAlchemical signal flare is lost upon entry. If you fail, you will have to obtain another one, which can only be obtained once each Vana'diel day.

Game Description

Mission Orders
With your assistance, the Federation has successfully carried out the operation's preliminary phase. You must now head to where the Republican army lies in wait.
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