Absorbs a certain amount of damage from physical and magical attacks.


Spell cost: 29 MP
Spell element: Earth
Magic skill: Enhancing Magic


It is reported that the formula for determining how much damage is absorbed total is:

  • X = ([Enhancing Magic Skill] / 3) + MND
  • F is the the amount of damage reduced.
  • F = X (if X < 80)
  • F = X * 2 - 60 (if 80 <= X <= 130)
  • F = X * 3 - 190 (if X > 130)
  • Caps at 350 damage.
Note, this is multiply not "to the power of."


Casting Time: 7 seconds
Recast Time: 30 seconds

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls -> White Magic
Note: You must be from the corresponding vendor locations to be able to buy this spell from them and your nation must be in first place in the conquest ranking. e.g. Kususu will only sell Stoneskin to a Windurst resident, and only if Windurst currently ranks 1st in Conquest.


Name Location Price
Regine Port San d'Oria (J-8) 7181 - 8118
Kususu Port Windurst (H-8) 7181 - 8118
Sororo Bastok Markets (H-5) 7181 - 8118

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