Start NPC Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) (H-9)
Minimum Rank KeyItemBrass Wings of Service ∮
Category Resource Procurement
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1 Member
Items Needed See Below
Star-icon Experience Points Allied Notes
1 407-490 1080-1085
2 465-498 1242-1328
3 496-522 1323-1393
4 532-562 1420-1501
5 585-607 1560-1571
Increases Nation's Resources.
Op Tiers   I    II    III    IV  
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst


Possible Requests Information

Dhalmel Hair x1
Rafflesia Petal x1
Rafflesia Vine x1
Yagudo Osode x1
Yagudo Kote x1
Lynx Hide x1
Lynx Meat x1
Gnat Wing x2


  • You will obtain a key item: Supply Order when you obtain the item requested by Harvesting, Mining, Logging, or a monster. If not, you will not receive the key item.
  • Key item: Supply Order is not needed to complete the Ops.
  • The requested item can only be harvested in the past, however you can buy them from the Auction House. Also, the West Sarutabaruta (S) Harvesting Points are not always in the same positions as they are in the present.


Procure the supplies indicated by the federation quartermaster.

Unit Requirement: 1 member

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