Start NPC Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) (E-8)
Requirements Region must be under Bastok control.
Minimum Rank KeyItemGolden Star ∮∮∮∮
Category Security
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1 Member
Star-icon Experience Points Allied Notes
1 246~269 703~779
2 270~290 780~829
3 296~314 847~899
4 329~344 941~983
5 345~408 987~1205
Increase the Fortification's Max HP by 6.
Op Tiers   I    II    III    IV  
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  • The Campaign Arbiter gives you the following information about who gets what crystal:
    • The young Elvaan wearin' the red hat is a blacksmith = Fire Crystal
    • The adorable little Tarutaru with the blonde braids is laying plaster = Ice Crystal
    • The Hume lady is a stonemason, and a darn good one = Wind Crystal
    • That old coot of an Elvaan with the huge axe strapped across his back is a carpenter = Earth Crystal
    • May not look it, but the Mithra with the black kerchief wrapped 'round her noggin is an architect = Lightning Crystal
    • That sprat of a Tarutaru wearin' the blue getup's a handy lil' plumber = Water Crystal
    • The good-looking fella in all white does scaffoldin'. Young Hume lad = Light Crystal
    • The lady Elvaan's a painter. Handles a brush like nobody I never seen = Dark Crystal
  • You can determine the crystal that they need depending on what they are wearing, along with their race and gender.
  • Multiple NPC's will show up, so there is no correct order to give out the crystals, just give out the ones that need to go with who is shown.
  • If you take too long, the NPC will leave. The time you have to make your selections is much shorter than in the first two Ops, so you need to be very fast to succeed.
  • Successfully completing this mission will increase the Fortification's Max HP up to a maximum level of 300.
  • Make sure the NPC's come to a complete stop before trying to give them a crystal. Pressing too early will cause it to miss, and with such a long delay before you can choose another crystal, it can be instant failure.
Steel Resolve I

NPCs Crystal Guide


Allied strongholds must be fortified to withstand assault by Beastman siege turrets. Travel to one of our nation's areas and oversee the construction effort.

Unit Requirement: 1 member

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