Steel Finger Gauntlets


Steel Finger Gauntlets
[Hands] All Races
DEF: 12
Lv. 48 WAR / RDM / PLD / DRK / BST / RNG
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Other Uses

Guild Points Value: ??? / ??? (??? items) Information
Resale Price: 3,304~3,772 gil

Synthesis Recipes

Smithing (51/62)
Yield: Steel Finger Gauntlets x 1
HQ 1: Steel Finger Gauntlets +1 x 1
Earth Crystal

Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipes

Smithing (51/62)
Yield: Sheep Leather x 1
HQ 1: Sheep Leather x 1
HQ 2: Cotton Thread x 1
HQ 3: Steel Ingot x 1
Lightning Crystal
  • 1 x Steel Finger Gauntlets

Obtained from Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Armor > Hands ( )


Price: Varies Greatly
Name Location Type
Doggomehr Northern San d'Oria (E-5) Guild Merchant
Lucretia Northern San d'Oria (E-6) Guild Merchant

Sparks of Eminence

Price: 368 Sparks of Eminence
Name Location Type
Isakoth Bastok Markets (E-11) A.M.A.N. Representative
Rolandienne Southern San d'Oria (G-10) A.M.A.N. Representative
Fhelm Jobeizat Windurst Woods (J-10) A.M.A.N. Representative
Eternal Flame Western Adoulin (H-11) A.M.A.N. Representative

Tenshodo Coffer

Key Potential Augments Augmented (max)
Peach coral key

Historical Background

Finger Gauntlets are armored gloves for the hands with each finger protected by its own separate set of narrow strips of plate. Finger gauntlets provided greater articulation than standard Gauntlets.

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