Start NPC Mainchelite - Southern San d'Oria (S) (I-9)
Requirements Key ItemRed Recommendation Letter from Garlaige Citadel (S) (Only if this will be your first Campaign nation)
Items Needed Key ItemPiece of Shattered Lumber
Key ItemOxidized Plate
Key ItemCharred Propeller
Title Granted Knight of the Iron Ram
Repeatable Once per nation
Reward Membership in the Iron Rams

Obtained only once:
Sprinter's Shoes
Key ItemBronze Ribbon of Service

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San d'Oria:
Gifts of the Griffon
Better Part of Valor
The Tigress Stirs
Campaign Ops


This quest enlists you in San d'Oria (S)'s campaign division. To enlist with Bastok (S), see The Fighting Fourth. To enlist with Windurst (S), see Snake on the Plains.

  • Only if this will be your first Campaign nation: obtain a Key ItemRed Recommendation Letter from Randecque (I-6) in Garlaige Citadel (S).
    • This step is not required if you are changing allegiance from another nation.
    • Randecque is near Banishing Gate #3. To get there, take the path at the northwest corner of (I-7) on the first map and head east. You will find Randecque at (I-6) on the next map.
    • This does not require opening a gate.
  • Around the middle of Southern San d'Oria (S) speak with Mainchelite at (I-9).
  • In East Ronfaure (S) head southeast towards the Campaign Fort (South H-8) and examine three ??? in any order to obtain pieces of debris from a downed airship. The locations are:
    • (H-8) in a crater on the northern side of the Fortification Tower - Key ItemCharred Propeller
    • (I-8) at the base of the waterfall just east of the fort (NW section of I-8) - Key ItemOxidized Plate
    • (J-7) north-western corner of grid, in a small shrub - Key ItemPiece of Shattered Lumber
      • Before heading back to Southern San d'Oria [S], make sure to hit the Survival Guide at (J-11). It will save you a couple of minutes in the upcoming quests.
  • Return to Mainchelite with the 3 pieces of debris for a cutscene. Congratulations on becoming a member of The Iron Rams!


  • If you are currently a member of another nation, you will not lose a rank. It just resets your evaluation progress.
  • If you are changing back to a nation that you have previously belonged to, you will lose your 2 highest medals.
  • If you previously belonged to the Iron Rams, you do not have to complete the quest, you merely have to speak to Sir Houilloumie who is directly east of Mainchelite. He will ask you if you wish to return to the Iron Rams, and if you choose so, you will spend 300 allied notes, and lose your 2 highest medals.
  • If you are currently a member of another nation you do not need to get the Key ItemRed Recommendation Letter. After talking with Mainchelite, you can head directly into East Ronfaure (S) to search for the three items.

Game Description

Mainchelite - Southern San d'Oria (S) (I-9)
Recent sightings of an unidentified flying object have the Royal Knights perplexed. Venture out into East Ronfaure and collect three pieces of evidence that may assist the kingdom in its investigation.