Start NPC Arawn - Bastok Markets (J-10)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Title Granted Stampeder
Repeatable No
Reward Leather Gorget


  • Talk to Arawn; he and Emrys are stamp collectors and he gives you a blank Stamp Sheet so you can help him collect stamps.
  • Obtain the stamps by talking to 7 guards spread out all over Bastok. You can get the locations, sort of, by examining the stamp sheet.
  • Talk to Arawn again to complete the quest.
  • Try to get the Moogle Exit Upgrade. It really makes this time-consuming quest easier and less time consuming!

The 7 guards are:

  • Romualdo K-9 (Southern Cannonry, near President's Office)
  • Elayne G-8 (Stand between the elevators and face east, go down stairs to the temple)
  • Ehrhard G-5 (Standing on the northeast corner outside of Warehouse #1)
  • Latifah J-8 (Just north of the Drawbridge)

Game Description

Arawn (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Go stamp hunting! Get all the stamps for Arawn's stamp sheet from guards all over Bastok.
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