Job Ability

  • Delivers a short jumping attack on a targeted enemy which suppresses enmity. Effect enhanced when wyvern is present.
  • Obtained: Dragoon Level 77
  • Recast Time: 1:00


  • When the Dragoon's Wyvern is present Spirit Jump will receive an additional boost to TP, 2x the normal Jump TP.
  • Has a maximum distance of 9.5'.
  • Has a 100% Crit rate when the Dragoon's Wyvern is present.
  • Jump Recast merits will also affect Spirit Jump.
  • "Jump TP Bonus" equipment does not affect Spirit Jump.
  • Spirit Jump does not give the defense down debuff like Jump when Spirit Surge is activated.
  • Does not share the VIT modifier Jump does.
  • Lancer's Schynbalds +1 grant a 2.5 TP bonus to Spirit Jump.
  • Lancer's Schynbalds +2 grant a 5.0 TP bonus to Spirit Jump.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Spirit Jump" <t>