«FFXI-Movie» Spharai

«FFXI-Movie» Spharai

Game Script

Spharai - Castle Oztroja
You hear a voice from out of nowhere...

???: ... At last we meet.

???: I have been freed from my prison and can soak up the sweat and blood of this world once more.

???: Wait, there is something I must...

Capacucu: This place is...?

Capacucu: I see... You must be the new wielder for these.

Capacucu: Yes, with your fighting spirit I believe you will be able to master the Spharai.

Capacucu: The Spharai have long accompanied me, along both rough and gentle paths. It is not easy to give them up, but... here.

Capacucu: They belong to you now. I ask that you consider my... Ah, but that is past now. I bid you farewell...

???: ...

???: I hope you don't think this is the end.

???: Your real life as a martial artist is just beginning. Time to start your training anew!

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