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14:09, March 29, 2013Morimar Basalt Fields.png (file)2.07 MBMifaco (Morimar Basalt Fields)
00:19, April 26, 2011Scaling proof.jpg (file)293 KBMifaco 
11:08, April 25, 2011Weather Intensity.png (file)21 KBMifaco (Shows intensity of each weather condition sorted by area for the year 1107. Longer lines indicate longer duration and/or double weather.)
11:06, April 25, 2011Weather Frequency.png (file)11 KBMifaco (Weather Frequency for the Vana'diel year 1107. Shows average weather distribution for each zone for each in-game month. )
09:00, March 20, 2011Read me.png (file)35 KBMifaco 
10:15, March 2, 2011Beaucedine-glacier-s.jpg (file)798 KBMifaco 
14:23, February 27, 2011Xarcabard-pic.jpg (file)903 KBMifaco (Xarcabard HD picture)
10:08, February 27, 2011Al'Taieu-pic.jpg (file)1.16 MBMifaco (Al'Taieu)
07:09, February 26, 2011AbysseaLaTheinePic.jpg (file)923 KBMifaco (HD picture of Abyssea - La Theine)
13:04, February 10, 2011Crawlers-nest-S-pic.jpg (file)899 KBMifaco (Crawlers' Nest [S])
10:13, February 5, 2011Abyssea-tahrongi-pic.jpg (file)896 KBMifaco (Abyssea - Tahrongi)
03:33, February 5, 2011Maatsavatar.png (file)203 KBMifaco (Maat's Avatar)
08:06, January 30, 2011West-Sarutabaruta-s.jpg (file)980 KBMifaco (West Sarutabaruta [S])
13:50, January 22, 2011Qu'biaarenapic.jpg (file)580 KBMifaco (HD Qu'bia Arena pic)
12:19, December 27, 2010Abyssea-EmpyrealParadox.jpg (file)780 KBMifaco (Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox)
09:06, December 10, 2010Abyssea-uleguerand-pic.jpg (file)315 KBMifaco (Abyssea - Uleguerand)
09:49, October 16, 2010Abyssea-vunkerl-pic.jpg (file)967 KBMifaco (Abyssea - Vunkerl)
07:30, September 21, 2010Abyssea-misareaux-pic.jpg (file)401 KBMifaco (Abyssea Misareaux picture)
16:39, May 12, 2007Zilart.jpg (file)32 KBMifaco 

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