Mission Name Soul Siphon
Number 3-6-2
Repeatable No
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Drifting Northwest Stonewalled
Replay Cutscenes
Soul Siphon(pt.1) Goblin Footprint Kamihr Drifts (K-11)
Soul Siphon Goblin Footprint Ceizak Battlegrounds (K-7)
Soul Siphon(pt.2) Goblin Footprint Kamihr Drifts (K-11)


  • Click the Hollowed Pathway target in Kamihr Drifts at the southwest corner of (G-11).
    • Choose the first option to proceed. This will zone you into Cirdas Caverns for a cutscene with Ingrid and Darrcuiln that completes this mission and begins the next. After the cutscene you will be placed back at the Hollowed Pathway in Kamihr Drifts.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The princess may not have suffered a scratch, but it turns out that Ingrid-- not the wildcat--is the one who wanted to get her paws on Arciela all along!