Defeating monsters in Seekers of Adoulin areas will occasionally cause a strange mirage known as a Soul Pyre to appear. A Soul Pyre is in essence the Ulbuka equivalent to "Brown Caskets" and "Blue Caskets" that occasionally drop from other mobs around Vana'Diel. The difference is that instead of having to guess a number between 1-99, the player must "reduce the distortion" by moving around the soul pyre. If the player touches a soul pyre from the proper distance and direction, he will receive items and/or bayld.

You get 5 attempts, each time it tells you how obscured the treasure is.

Distance can vary from 6 to 0.

Any compass point.

Check, move a tad, check.

Receive a "free guess" by using Soul Spectacles purchased using Mummer's Medals. Trade the spectacles to the soul pyre to use.