Start NPC Rholont - Southern San d'Oria (S) (E-7)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Mission Fate in Haze unlocked
Items Needed Fishing Rod, Flint Stone
Repeatable No
Reward Icarus Wing
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Fate in Haze

Bonds That Never Die

Blood of Heroes


You must wait one Vana'diel day after completion of Bonds That Never Die to receive the cutscene. Remember to purchase a Flint Stone and have a fishing rod with you before you start.


  • Remember to simply mount up on whatever mount you have to save time traversing this zone, and to avoid agro from any true sight mobs!


  • Go to the Southern tower at (H-10) and click the Compressed Snow for a cutscene.
    • There is a drop hole in the northwest corner of (H-10) straight down the ramp from the Campaign Arbiter level for faster travel.
  • Click the Compressed Snow a second time to spawn the NM Orcish Bloodletter.
    • Double Attacks on every attack.
    • Seems to use TP moves independent of any type of TP gain.
    • Uses Mighty Strikes multiple times.
    • Soloable by any job which can DoT/zone. Takes ~30 minutes with just Disseverment poison.
  • Once defeated, click the Compressed Snow for a cutscene and your reward.

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Game Description

Phillieulais S Dieuffon, (Middle Gate, Southern San d'Oria (S))
An immense beastman force seeks to strike at the sparsely manned rearguard of the northbound Allied expedition. You have been requested to join the Carmine Swallows on their mission to intercept the encroaching enemy host at Beaucedine.