Diabolos delivers an attack that inflicts weight on the target.


Avatar: Diabolos (Dark)

Blood Pact: Ward

Cost: 30 MP

Level: 20

Damage Type: Physical


Effect Duration: Unknown

Battle Application: Skillchain

Attribute: Compression

  • Opens: Transfixion, Detonation
  • Closes: Compression, Gravitation

Note: This is currently the only Blood Pact: Ward that deals any form of direct damage (not spikes.)

Historical Background

Somnolence (or "drowsiness") is a state of near-sleep, a strong desire for sleep, or sleeping for unusually long periods. It has two distinct meanings, referring both to the usual state preceding falling asleep, and the chronic condition referring to being in that state independent of a circadian rhythm. The disorder characterized by the latter condition is most commonly associated with the use of prescription medications such as mirtazapine or zolpidem.

Macro Syntax

*/pet Somnolence <t>|}|}|}|}

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