Start NPC Yoran-Oran - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-10)
Requirements Fame 1
Items Needed Key Item Gasponia stamen
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Cura II
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None An Acrididaen Anodyne


  • Talk with Yoran-Oran at G-10, near the Goal-tracking Galka (Base Camp).
  • He will mention that people have been having trouble breathing since arriving in Attohwa, and ask you to seek out the source of the sickness.
  • The source is the poison flowers all around the western section of the zone. You must find one flower that gives you a Key Item Gasponia stamen.
  • Gasponia Flowers can be found in E-6 and F-7 along the walls and in other locations (East of Conflux 2 has the highest concentration nearby with little to no aggro.)
    • F-8 has a massive concentration of them, just a little north from Conflux 0.
    • The correct flower is random; it's different for each player.
  • Return with the Key Item Gasponia stamen to receive a Scroll of Cura II.

Game Description

Yoran-Oran (Base Camp, Abyssea - Attohwa)
The Professor is concerned about the air quality, and has hypothesized that the source of the pollution lies to the west. Go investigate, and bring back the tangible evidence that your client needs to formulate a solution to the crisis.