Start NPC Tokaka - Port Windurst (C-8)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed Bastore Sardine
Repeatable Yes (You must zone to repeat)
Reward 70 Gil


  • Tokaka, in the fisherman's guild, will pay you 70 Gil for each Bastore Sardine you bring her.
  • You must leave the zone and come back to restart the quest each time. You also have to talk to her before you make each trade.
    • You may only trade one Bastore Sardine at a time.
    • Note: If you can Warp, set your Home Point at F-7, East of the Orastery. Simply Warp after each trade and repeat.
    • Note concerning ^Note: If you don't want to set your Home Point, use the warp Taru on top of the Orastery to warp you to Windurst Walls, and the corresponding one there to warp you back.
  • To get from 0 - 9 (hero) fame, you need to trade 20 stacks of Bastore Sardines.

Game Description

Tokaka (Fishermen's Guild, Port Windurst)
Tokaka can tell the flow patterns and temperature of the ocean currents by looking at certain fish. Bring her any Bastore sardines that you catch so she can help keep the fishermen informed as to where to drop their lines.
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