Mission Name Somber Dreams
Number 2-5-5
Level 90+
Title Granted Abyssal Purveyor
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Sacrifice (Mission) Of Light and Darkness
Replay Cutscenes


  • After the previous cutscene, you will return to Grauberg (S) at (F-5) and stand before a ???, but do not examine until ready for the battle. It is recommended that you get your Trust NPCs out before clicking the ???.
  • Examine the ??? in front of you in Grauberg (S) to spawn Cetus, a Pteraketos.
    • Recommend being 90+ for this fight, with ranged damage trusts to avoid dread spikes.
  • After the fight, examine the ??? again to obtain a very short cutscene.
  • Proceed to the Walk of Echoes using the ??? next to the Veridical Conflux in front of you for another cutscene with Cait Sith and Lilisette.

-Note: If A Token of Troth is complete, Champion of the Dawn and/or A Forbidden Reunion quest(s) can be activated when clicking the ??? and must be completed prior to proceeding with Somber Dreams.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The ambassador threatens to absorb dark energy from Atomos and must be stopped. His minion Cetus has swallowed you whole--vanquish him before proceeding.