Start NPC Sieglinde (A) - Abyssea - Misareaux (Base Camp)
Requirements Abyssea Fame Lv2
Repeatable Yes, only after zoning
Reward 800 Cruor; Repeat: 400 Cruor.
Possibly one of:
Caller's Seal: Legs[SMN](6.2%)
Savant's Seal: Legs[SCH](6.9%)
Ravager Seal: Legs[WAR](4.4%)
Charis Seal: Legs[DNC](6.2%)


  • Talk to Sieglinde (A) near Veridical Conflux #01. She will ask you to insert a key item, Mineral gauge for dummies, into the base of a tree.
  • Find a Logging Point and click it. There are 6 locations in total: (If there are 6, there are only 5 locations given here, if you know 6th, pls. add)
    • (F-4) North of Conflux #5, over Bridge, by Puktraps.
    • (G-5) North of Conflux #5, at Buzzflies. (Aggro Sound)
    • (I-11) Conflux #7 by Raptors (Aggro Sound),
    • (F-7) Conflux #6 by Clusters (not recommendable). (Aggro Magic and Sight, do not cast invisible right at conflux)
    • (F-7) Conflux #6 at Detectors. (Aggro Sound)
  • When you click the logging point, it will tell you that the light shines blue, yellow, or red.
  • Return to Sieglinde (A).
    • If the light was blue, you are done with the quest will she will give you your reward.
    • If the light was yellow or red, she will give you another key item, Tube of alchemical fertilizer.
  • If you received the Tube of alchemical fertilizer, go back to the same Logging Point as before and click it.
  • Additionally, if you are repeating the quest, the logging point you fertilized will give blue light if it was previously yellow. Unknown if fertilizing red will cause blue also. Be aware that the fertility might drop back to yellow again.
  • Return to Sieglinde (A) once more for your reward.

The Mineral gauge for dummies key item stays in your temporary key items until you zone, even after completing the quest. Additionally, zoning will not reset your light and you can get your reward or the fertilizer. However, you must still zone to restart the quest.

Game Description

Sieglinde (A)
Sieglinde the alchemist is investigating soil quality along the coast, and has custom-designed a contraption for that purpose. Take the aptly named "mineral gauge for dummies," and thrust it into a likely spot of earth by a tree.
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