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|reward=800 Cruor; Repeat: 400 Cruor. <br> Possibly one of:<br>
|reward=800 Cruor; Repeat: 400 Cruor. <br> Possibly one of:<br>
[[Caller's Seal: Legs]] (SMN) {{Drop Rate| 102|1372}}<br>
[[Caller's Seal: Legs]] (SMN) {{Drop Rate| 104|1393}}<br>
[[Savant's Seal: Legs]] (SCH) {{Drop Rate|107|1372}}<br>
[[Savant's Seal: Legs]] (SCH) {{Drop Rate|109|1393}}<br>
[[Ravager Seal: Legs]] (WAR) {{Drop Rate| 102|1372}}<br>
[[Ravager Seal: Legs]] (WAR) {{Drop Rate| 107|1393}}<br>
[[Charis Seal: Legs]] (DNC) {{Drop Rate| 91|1372}}
[[Charis Seal: Legs]] (DNC) {{Drop Rate| 93|1393}}
|repeatable=Yes, only after zoning
|repeatable=Yes, only after zoning

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Start NPC Sieglinde (A) - Abyssea - Misareaux (Base Camp)
Requirements Abyssea Reputation Lv2
Repeatable Yes, only after zoning
Reward 800 Cruor; Repeat: 400 Cruor.
Possibly one of:

Caller's Seal: Legs (SMN) (7.5%)
Savant's Seal: Legs (SCH) (7.8%)
Ravager Seal: Legs (WAR) (7.7%)
Charis Seal: Legs (DNC) (6.7%)


  • Find a Logging Point and click it. There are 6 general locations where logging points may be found. Exclamation Watch for JA aggro from Ephemeral Murex or Magic aggro at night from Ephemeral Amoeban randomly roaming any of the logging locations.
    • (I-11) North of Conflux #07 among the Atrociraptor.
      • Aggro: Sound.
      • This is the safest of all locations to look for a Logging Point.
    • (G-5) North of Conflux #05, among the Buzzfly.
    • (F-4) Far north of Conflux #05, over the bridge, among the Boartrap.
    • (G-6) Southeast of Conflux #05, among the Protoamoeban.
      • Aggro: Sound traveling through the Buzzfly.Exclamation
        • (done this nearly 100 times with no buzzfly aggro)
      • May have to avoid True Sound Flame Skimmer.
      • Aggro: Magic (at night) among the Protoamoeban.
        • Alternate path: Northeast of Conflux #03 to avoid Flame Skimmer completely, but it's a slightly longer run.
    • (E-7) West of Conflux #06 among the Dynamo Cluster.
      • Aggro: Magic / Sight.
      • Do not cast magic at Conflux #06.
      • True Sight NM, Abyssic Cluster, roams the area.
    • (F-8) South of Conflux #06 among the Observer.
  • When you click the logging point, it will tell you that the light shines blue, yellow, or red.


  • The Mineral gauge for dummies key item stays in your temporary key items until you zone, even after completing the quest. Additionally, zoning will not reset your light and you can get your reward or the fertilizer. However, you must still zone to restart the quest.
  • Upon repeating the quest, a logging point you fertilized will always give blue light if it was previously yellow. Exclamation
    • Unknown if fertilizing red will cause blue also. Be aware that the fertility might drop back to yellow again. Information
  • It is possible to force Logging Points away from "undesirable" locations by Logging the point using a Hatchet.
    • Using a macro, or typing out and reusing the command, /item Hatchet <t> on a logging point will make logging as fast as possible among aggressive monsters.
    • It may take as few as one try, or possibly several tries, before a Logging Point will disappear.
    • The logging point has a chance of re-popping in the same spot, or in the same general area. If this occurs, continue logging the undesirable points until they do not reappear.
    • Unknown what would happen if a person needed to fertilize a logging point to finish the quest, and another person logged the point away before they were able to. Information
  • Only three logging points seem able to load in the zone at one time. Exclamation
    • It is possible to load all three points in one general area.
      • It is possible to force all three logging points into the Atrociraptor area. One of those three points is only 25 yalms from the Conflux.
  • Until a proper logging map is created, a general overview of the points are:

Game Description

Sieglinde (A)
Sieglinde the alchemist is investigating soil quality along the coast, and has custom-designed a contraption for that purpose. Take the aptly named "mineral gauge for dummies," and thrust it into a likely spot of earth by a tree.
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