Start NPC Miah Riyuh - Windurst Waters (S) (H-9)
Requirements KeyItemGreen Recommendation Letter from Crawlers' Nest (S) (Only if this will be your first Campaign nation)
Items Needed KeyItemZonpa-Zippa's All-Purpose Putty
Title Granted Cobra Unit Mercenary
Repeatable No
Reward Membership in the Cobra Mercenaries
Obtained only once:
Sprinter's Shoes
KeyItemBronze Ribbon of Service
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San d'Oria:
Gifts of the Griffon
Better Part of Valor
Campaign Ops


This quest enlists you in Windurst (S)'s campaign division. To enlist with San d'Oria (S), see Steamed Rams. To enlist with Bastok (S), see The Fighting Fourth.

  • Walk through Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) and enter Windurst Waters (S) from the north West Sarutabaruta (S) gate.
  • In the way, you can get Survival Guide near entrance to Fort Karugo-Narugo (S), that can potentially save you some time on this quest.
  • Additionally, if its your first time doing WotG missions, you can completely skip walking from Jeuno areas to any past nation by flaging VW missions and collecting the appropriate stratum abyssite with Voidwatch Officer in each present nation. Then, collect 1000 cruor from unity npc. Once you first land on past zone (Battalia Downs(S), Rolanberry Fields (S) or Sauromugue Campaign (S)) look for Atmacite Refiner near Jeuno gates, and choose teleporting directly to each nation.


  • You will only get Sprinter's Shoes if you have not already obtained them from another nation.
  • If you have already signed up with another nation, you must complete this quest to switch allegiance to Windurst. You do not require an invitation from the NPC in Crawler's Nest.
  • When putting the putty on the cracks, make sure there are no monsters around you, as they will aggro if your level is low.
  • If you wish to change back to your original nation, instead of trying to recomplete this quest, talk to Mhoti Pyiahrs.
  • If you activate The Fighting Fourth or Steamed Rams prior to completing this quest, but after activating it, you may encounter a glitch which will not allow you to finish this quest. Simply finish the other quest(s), then speak with Miah Riyuh.
  • If you feel like, you can start VW fights by fighting Pancimanci provided you have a Voidwatch Stone and Jade stratum abyssite.

Game Description

Miah Riyuh (Windurst Waters (S))
Take a jar of Zonpa-Zippa's All-Purpose Putty to the stone towers in West Sarutabaruta, and repair any cracks you find in the doors.

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