Start NPC Hungry Wolf - Abyssea - Misareaux (G-7)
Requirements Reputation 1
Items Needed Galkan Sausage, Galkan Sausage +1, Galkan Sausage +2 or Galkan Sausage +3
Repeatable Yes
Reward 200, 300, 400 or 600 Cruor

Set of Guild Flyers (first completion)

Random chance of:

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None None

Map of South Gustaberg showing the quest location.


  • Talk to Hungry Wolf at (G-7); he's dissatisfied with the food Offa is making. He wants you to take a Giant Sheep Meat and roast it over a campfire in Gustaberg.
  • Obtain a Galkan Sausage either from the Auction House or by following the recipe:
    • Obtain a Giant Sheep Meat. Farm sheep, buy it from the Auction House, or buy it from the Regional Vendor of the city controlling Zulkheim that week.
    • Cook the meat. Two methods exist, a long and a short one: the long is using the campfire at K-10 in South Gustaberg (the same one used for Smoke on the Mountain), the short is using the campfire in Abyssea - Misareaux near Conflux #6.
      • If you use the campfire in Abyssea - Misareaux, you will be given a prompt upon trading the meat to either pull it out of the fire or continue cooking, up to three times. If you successfully continue to cook, your Galkan Sausage will step up in quality, up to +3. If you fail on the first two prompts, you will receive a Galkan Sausage -1. Failure at the +3 step will completely char the meat, giving you nothing.
      • A large number of Dynamo Clusters and the NM Abyssal Cluster are hanging around the campfire in Abyssea - Misareaux. Use extreme caution when attempting this method. Clusters will not aggro while you are in the process of cooking the meat, and ones already attacking you will lose interest once you trade.
  • Trade the Galkan Sausage to Hungry Wolf for your reward and possibly one of (Not 100% guaranteed)
  • This quest can be repeated, but you will have to zone before he offers you the quest again.

Game Description

Hungry Wolf (First Encampment, Abyssea - Misareaux)
Hungry Wolf hungers for meat! Hurry, before he transforms into a scrawny Hume before you very eyes!
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