Start NPC Hungry Wolf - Metalworks G-9
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Galkan Sausage
Title Granted Hot Dog
Repeatable Yes
Reward 300 gil

Map of South Gustaberg showing the quest location.


  • Talk to Hungry Wolf in the eatery; he's dissatisfied with the food and wants you to bring him a Galkan Sausage. He mentions that his friend Offa might have more information.
  • (Optional) Talk to Offa to learn how to make the sausage.
  • Obtain a Galkan Sausage either from the Auction House or by following the recipe:
    • Obtain a piece of Giant Sheep Meat.
    • Go to South Gustaberg and follow the path starting in the northeast corner of K-10 to a goblin camp at the top of a small hill. (See the map.)
    • Trade the sheep meat to the ??? in the campfire.
    • Wait one minute (Earth time) for the sausage to cook.
    • Examine the fire to get your sausage.
Low-level jobs will catch aggro from goblins at the camp, and there is a chance that they will link; if you are not capable of fighting more than one at a time you may want to bring a friend, wait until you've gained a couple levels, or just buy the sausage from the auction house.
It appears that you cannot zone out of South Gustaberg while the sheep meat is cooking, otherwise the campfire will simply give the "This fire looks perfect for cooking." message. However, you are allowed to log out (without changing zones) and log back in to check on and collect the sausage, assuming the required amount of time has passed.

Game Description

Hungry Wolf (Craftmen's Eatery, Metalworks)
Hungry Wolf wants you to bring him a Galkan sausage, a dish that his co-worker, Offa, told him was marvelously delectable.