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Hey there aspiring smiths, I noticed there wasn't a guide to skilling up Smithing, so I thought I'd provide one. First things first though, know that Smithing is a labor of love. By that, I mean it's expensive, rarely do your items stack, and most of what you're making won't sell on the AH, at all. Don't get discuraged though, there are some profitable levels, and at the upper levels you make some of the most vital endgame gear. So forge on, smiths!

So You Want to be a Smith?

Alright, so you wish to take up the, uhh, fire crystal of smithing, huh? Well first, there are some things we need to go over.

  1. Where are the guilds?
  2. How do I find my materials I need?
  3. How much money will I make?
    And later on
  4. Will this ever get any easier?

The Guilds

Smithing is unlike any of the other crafts in that it has 2 main guilds, one in the Bastok Metalworks and one in Northern San d'Oria. What this means for you is that you have 2 places to buy guild items, get synthesis support, and aquire Guild Points. But wait, there's a 3rd guild house, a branch with guild merchants, but not much else, in Mhaura. This branch is noteworthy in that it sells Steel Ingots, which are otherwise costly to obtain.

The Materials

There are 3 types of materials you'll be working with on your trek to 100: raw materials, processed materials, and finished goods. Each one has different methods of aquisition and monetary return.

Raw Materials

Do yourself a favor and buy some mining equipment: Field Tunica, Field Gloves, and Field Boots. Don't bother with the pants, they don't help miners. Then go grab 1-5 stacks of Pickaxes and head out to Zeruhn Mines, Palborough Mines, or Gusgen Mines. Keep everything you pull up but pebbles, you can use it all. Alternatively, low level ores can be purchased at the Guild Shop for a decent price, usually.

Processed Materials

You will make 90% of the processed materials you'll need: ingots, sheets, chain links, and the like. Anything you aren't making you're probably finding for a good price on the AH or in a Bazaar. Guild Shops sell these items as well.

Finished Goods

Ahh, here is where your cost is. While you are making plenty of finished goods, they never seem to be the ones you need next. And thus you find youself buying the things you need from the AH and Npc Vendors located throughout the land.

I'll answer Questions 3 & 4 later in this guide.

0-10 Bronzeworking!

Bronze Ingots(0-2) 
Save all ingots to make sheets.

Fire Crystal
Copper Ore x 3 - Get these from the guild for about 11 gil.
Tin Ore x 1

Bronze Sheets(2-4) 
Save all sheets to make Scales.

Fire Crystal
Bronze Ingot x 1

Bronze Scales(4-10) 
Sell to NPC or AH, whichever nets more. Likely a loss.

Wind Crystal
Bronze Sheet x 1

I would suggest using Guild Support until lvl 7 or so, for fewer breaks.

8-10 Guild Test

Test Item 
Xiphos (8 smithing, 2 bone)

Fire Crystal
Bronze Ingot x 2
Giant Femur x 1

11-20 Iron and Tin!

Tin Ingot(10-15) 
Alchemists use these to make batteries. Sell slowly.

Fire Crystal
Tin Ore x 4

Iron Ingot(15-20) 
Mine the Iron Ores and sell the ingots for pure profit, or keep them for the next stage.

Fire Crystal
Iron Ore x 4

Some guides will suggest Paktong Ingots for lvls 15-20, but I find that your returns aren't nearly so good, and so I'm not going to bother including them in my guide.

18-20 Guild Test

Test Item 
Aspis (18 smithing)

Fire Crystal
Ash Lumber
Bronze Sheet x 2

21-30 Remember when this was Cheap?

Iron Sheet(20-22) 
If you saved your ingots, this is pretty cheap, If not, make more ingots, DON'T buy them.

Fire Crystal
Iron Ingot

Iron Scales(22-26) 
Make these, and use them to make Makibishi. You can skill up 22-23 with Makibishi.

Wind Crystal
Iron Sheet

And here's the recipie for these. Make them even after the cap for some cash.

Wind Crystal
Iron Scales

Iron Chain(26-30) 
You could make money here, but more likely you'll break even or lose. Continue to synth your ingots.

Earth Crystal
Iron Ingot x 2

28-30 Guild Test

Test Item 
Bilbo (28 Smithing, 7 Goldsmithing)

Fire Crystal
Iron Ingot
Silver Ingot

At this point you should be noticing that other synth levels are listed in some test items. Now would be a good time to level the sub-synths you'll need to 10. These are Goldsmithing, Clothcraft, Bonecraft, Leathercraft, and Woodworking. I know it's a lot, but you'll thank me later if you start now.

31-40 Become a Steelworker!

Coming Soon!