Mission Name Smash! A Malevolent Menace
Number 14
Level 75~85
Title Granted Mog House Handyperson
Items Needed Mega Bonanza Kupon
Reward Angel skin key
Oxblood key
750 Experience Points or Limit Points
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A Challenge! You Could Be a Winner A Moogle Kupo d'Etat (Fin.)


  • Examine the Throne Room door for a cutscene.
  • Examine it again to enter the battlefield.
  • Those wishing to re-aquire the Oxblood key must wait for Japanese midnight to pass since they last completed this battle, dispose of their current headgear, and obtain a new Mega Bonanza Kupon.
    • Additionally, players must not currently be in possession of the Angel skin key. Players who are in possession of this key will not receive the Oxblood Key from completing this fight.

The Battle

See Discussion page for strategy information.

This is a 30-minute battle with Level Restriction at 90, against Riko Kupenreich, a large Moogle. Buffs and TP will wear upon entry, and EXP is not lost upon death.

Riko Kupenreich will repeat the above behavior two times before he enters his final phase, at which point he may be defeated.


  • Because all targets in this battle take greatly enhanced damage, Drain and Drain-equivalent spells are extraordinarily effective, fully restoring the HP of the caster in a single cast.
  • Henchmen Moogles are highly susceptible to Aspir and Aspir-equivalent spells. Manifestation Aspir is especially effective, restoring a Scholar to full MP in a single cast.
    • The spell MP Drainkiss will experience little-to-no increase during this fight. Magic Hammer, on the other hand, will inflict relatively high damage and drain a greater amount of MP.
  • Riko Kupenreich is susceptible to Gravity, Bind, and Stun.
  • Riko Kupenreich appears to be especially weak to skillchain damage, taking 1.5-2 times regular skillchain damage for two-part skillchains, and more for multi-part skillchains. (See the Talk Page for details.)
  • Shadow Images will provide minimal protection during this fight. /NIN is not recommended for virtually any job.
  • Stoneskin will protect from Riko Kupenreich's standard attacks for several attack rounds.
  • It is possible to wipe and Reraise during this fight, as long as party members are outside Riko Kupenreich and his Henchman Moogles' agro radius (by the entrance). Wiping multiple times is not feasible given the time constraint.
  • Riko Kupenreich will never regen HP, even when left unclaimed.
  • It is also possible to rest while Riko Kupenreich is healing himself. If the Henchman Moogles have been defeated before he rejoins the fight, he will not aggro if the party is resting by the door.
  • It is possible to prevent Riko Kupenreich from being Cured to 100% during each phase, though it is unconfirmed what triggers this. It appears that placing enough Damage Over Time effects on Riko before he retreats may halt his Curing. Players also speculate that the faster the Henchmen Moogles are defeated, the less HP he will recover. Exclamation
  • Note that if Riko rejoins the fight with less than 100% HP, he will follow all of the above behavior at the new %HP intervals (e.g. if he starts with 75%, he will use Draw In/Crystalline Flare at 50% and retreat at 25%).
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