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* [[Red Mage]] [[Level]] 75
* [[Red Mage]] [[Level]] 75
'''Merit Info''':<br>
'''Merit Info''':<br>
* Each additional merit increases [[Slow_(Status_Effect)|slow effect]] by 1 and magic accuracy by 2.
* Each additional merit increases [[Slow (Status Effect)|slow effect]] by 1 and magic accuracy by 2.
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|width="50%" valign="top"|
'''Casting Time''': 3 seconds<br>
'''Casting Time''': 3 seconds<br>

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Reduces an enemy's attack speed.


Spell cost: 45 MP
Spell element: Earth
Magic skill: Enfeebling

Merit Info:

  • Each additional merit increases slow effect by 1 and magic accuracy by 2.


Casting Time: 3 seconds
Recast Time: 20 seconds
Duration: 3 minutes

How to Obtain

Obtained Merit Point Group 2.

Other Information

  • Slow increases recast time on spell cast time and weapon delay.
  • An effect of 100% Slow will double a weapon delay value; e.g. a weapon with a delay of 509 normally takes about 8.5 seconds before an attack can be initiated. With +100% slow, this delay would be treated as 1018, or 17 seconds before an attack would occur.
  • Slow II will overwrite the effects of the Ninjutsu spell Hojo: Ni, Slow, and the effect from Slowga on Leviathan Exclamation.
  • The slow effect from Slow II caps at 39%, depending on the number of merits involved and the value (Caster's MND - Target's MND).
  • Duration is usually 3 minutes but can be much shorter.

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