Sliced Pole

Sliced Pole
A pole you found at an Orc lookout platform in Jugner Forest. The pole has been sliced length-wise, creating
a half-moon shape on its ends.
One of many ??? spots located in the western starting area of Jugner Forest (S)

Teleport into the zone using the Campaign Arbiter. It is recommended to complete the quest prior leaving the western area.

  • While you can operate the lock from either side, all of the possible ??? locations are on the west side.
  • The only way back to the west side after using the escape watch towers is through the Wooden Gate (for which you don't have a key yet.)
  • Zoning to East Ronafure (S) or Pashow Marshlands (S) resets the quest.
  • Logging out and logging back in does not require rechecking the gate.

The Wooden Gate is located at (H-7). Examine the lock twice to receive a description and activate the ??? points. This is required before you can obtain this key item.

  • Message 1: "The gate is locked."
  • Message 2: "You notice a half-moon hole in the gate."

The ??? moves around and can be found on top of the lookout platforms all over the western area.

  • (E-11)
  • (F-8) -- Next to path.
  • (F-10)
  • (G-9) -- This platform is empty.
  • (H-7/8)
  • (H-10) -- A Orc patrolling the platform walks down the ramp and pauses long enough to drop Invisible, grab the spot and re-apply.
  • (I-8) -- Is easily targeted from the ground.
This key item will allow you to open the Wooden Gate and walk to Campaign Battles from East Ronfaure. You can open the gate for other people as well.
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