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The Art of War:
Skillchain Effects
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Eight Skillchain Effects
Firing off weapon skills in sequence creates a skillchain, which can cause lots of damage to monsters. There are eight basic types. If you don't understand the differences between these types, you'll get hopelessly lost, so pay attention.

Transfixion / Liquefaction / Impaction / Detonation / Compression / Scission / Reverberation / Induration

Every weapon skill can start or end a skillchain. Us adventurers always gotta work with our buddies and use our weapon skills two or three (or more) at a time, one right after the other, to get skillchains when we need them.
You wanna know why we need them at least two in a row? The effect of the first weapon skill combines with the effect of the second, as shown in the chart below. I don't quite get why it works this way but it comes out something like you see there.

Eight Skillchain Effects list

Of course, you can't use the same weapon skill twice in a row; you hafta put them together right. Luckily, I've provided a handy chart to show you how to do that.

Eight Skillchain Effects

Just try to get an effect on the left side to come out right after an effect on the top. I'll give you an example to make sure you understand real good.

So you've just used Flat Blade (which can let loose an Impaction effect). Now we're set up to make either a Liquefaction or Detonation skillchain.

So now I use Gust Slash at just the right time, and presto! We get a Detonation skillchain, and whatever we are fighting gets hurt real bad.

Get it? Huh? You don't know what skillchains your weapon skills will lead to?

S'alright. You're an adventurer. You'll figure it out soon enough, just like I did.

But weapon skills often hide more than one skillchain effect, sort of like magic users using different types of spells. And there are more than a hundred weapon skills. I can't even remember all the names!

But that's not what we're talking about. One skillchain can lead to another. So now you and I have just done a Detonation skillchain. If one of our buddies does a Fast Blade, he unleashes a Scission skillchain.

So we can hit monsters with two skillchains in a row. But it ain't limited to two. Oh, no! If we have a real big party, we can drop up to FOUR skillchains in a row on the monster, real quick-like. The more you link 'em up, the more damage you do! Let's review the skillchain we just looked at:

First Weapon Skill : Flat Blade [Impaction]

Second Weapon Skill : Gust Slash [Detonation]
First Skillchain : Detonation

Third Weapon Skill : Fast Blade [Scission]
Second Skillchain : Scission

Oh yeah. I forgot to explain the element of each skillchain.

Transfixion = Light
Impaction = Lightning
Compression = Dark
Reverberation = Water
Liquefaction = Fire
Detonation = Wind
Scission = Earth
Induration = Ice

These are the elements of the various skillchains. Learn 'em well. No matter what you're fighting, it has a weak point--and when you're gonna use a skillchain, it's best to use one that has an element your monster is weak against.

The last thing I've got to tell you is that once you've finished your skillchains, you can throw in a spell of the same element as the last skillchain to create a magic burst.

Howzat? D'ya think skillchains are a little more interesting now?

Four Skillchain Effects

I must say that I was somewhat apprehensive for a brief moment, but it appears that he presented a thorough explanation of level 1 skillchains. That, however, was only a basic explanation of level 1. I shall be explaining level 2 skillchains to you.

To discuss the difference between skillchains of level 1 and those of level 2 is to discuss a difference in power. That said, each level 2 skillchain is made up of two elements rather than one. I feel that perhaps a chart, rather than an explanation, would best aid your understanding:

Fusion = Light and Fire
Fragmentation = Lightning and Wind
Gravitation = Dark and Earth
Distortion = Water and Ice

Level 2 skillchains are triggered in the same way as first level skillchains. To be precise, level 2 skillchains require that you use the right weapon skills in the right order.

Do you recall the diagram of level 1 skillchains that was shown to you? The marks in that diagram indicate level 2 skillchains. Although I feel that it is good experience for adventurers to learn this type of thing on their own by using various combinations of level one skillchains, I've provided another chart for you to look at:

Fragmentation = Induration → Reverberation
Fusion = Liquefaction → Impaction
Gravitation = Detonation → Compression
Distortion = Transfixion → Scission

Creating skillchains in this order generates a "synergy" which works in a manner similar to a magic user's spells or an alchemist's concoctions.

Let us use Distortion as an example. To generate this effect, you begin with an attack that can generate Transfixion and follow it with one that can generate Scission:

First Weapon Skill : Power Slash (Transfixion)

Second Weapon Skill : Seraph Blade (Scission)
Skillchain: Distortion
Four Skillchain Effects

Please be aware, however, that you cannot use a level 2 skillchain effect to be the first part of a level 1 skillchain.

In other words, if you desire a Level 2 skillchain, be certain that you are able to complete it. You will reap no benefits for stopping halfway.

Magic Bursts also have a second, more powerful level. So magic users must also pay attention and be ready to cast the spells that create these more powerful magic bursts.

You have likely heard discussions over the correct order of attacks for a skillchain. It is probable that these were to determine a particular enemy's weak point--and therefore the most effective level 2 skillchain for the situation.

Imagine a party with three people who fight melee, looking to defeat a monster that is weak against Ice. In this case, the best level 2 skillchain is Distortion. As explained before, the correct order of attack is to have a Transfixion attack followed by a Scission attack. However, to get a Transfixion effect, it is imperative that you commence with an effect that can generate Compression.

In other words, you need to select your final weapon skill first. Our previous example of generating a Distortion effect would then proceed as follows:

First Weapon Skill : Keen Edge (Compression)

Second Weapon Skill : Power Slash (Transfixion)
First Skillchain : Transfixion

Third Weapon Skill : Seraph Blade (Scission)
Second Skillchain : Distortion

So if you want to perform a 3-step skillchain with a final outcome of Distortion, your planning must include starting with an Ice or Light attack before your Darkness attack. Otherwise, you will be unable to achieve your desired outcome.

Well? Do skillchain not seem like a scholarly endeavor?

Two Skillchain Effects

She said skillchains "seem like a scholarly endeavor"? Oh, deary me. Skillchains are aboutaru going from theory to practice, which is the precise definition of a scholarly endeavor. "Seem like" indeedy!

The existence of level 3 skillchains is attested to by many a seasoned adventurer--but the proper usage of these techniques has only been uncovered recently. Take a look at this chartaru:

Level 1 : 8 types x 1 element each = 8 elements
Level 2 : 4 types x 2 elements each = 8 elements
Level 3 : 2 types x 4 elements each = 8 elements

For some time, all we knew was that there were only two types of level 3 skillchain, each with four elements. But there was no way to prove this hypothesis.

Generating a level 2 effect is simply a matter of using one level 1 effect after another. That being the case, how would you go about triggering a level 3 skillchain?

Well, most adventurers thought you could do it by putting two level 2 effects together. Of course, it was mostly regarded as an art that only the most experienced adventurers could manage to perform. There just weren't many people who were capable of performing the weapon skills needed to create a level 3 skillchain.


That's rightaru, past tense. There are now quite a number of adventurers who have enough battle experience to trigger a level 3 effect simply by accident. So now we have some evidence of what the level 3 skillchains are.

Light = Light, Fire, Lightning, and Wind
Dark = Dark, Earth, Water, and Ice
Two Skillchain Effects

These are the elements that we have come to associate with the level 3 skillchains. The skillchains themselves are simply called Light and Dark. But beyond the element associated with the name, each level 3 effect is rounded out by three unrelated elements. Don't you think that shows how beautifully balanced the universe is?

The most important thing in creating a level 3 skillchain is to have the right combination of elements in your level 2 skillchain. It's somewhat different from level 2, where the sequence of skills is so significant. Level 3 skillchains only require the addition of another technique.

Light = Fusion + Fragmentation

Dark = Gravitation + Distortion

As indicated above, if you want to create a Light effect, you need to form a Fusion skillchain and a Fragmentation skillchain.

First Weapon Skill : Burning Blade (Liquefaction)

Second Weapon Skill : Combo (Impaction)
First Skillchain : Fusion

Third Weapon Skill : Dragon Kick (Fragmentation)
Second Skillchain : Light

The second weapon skill starts Fusion while the third, Dragon Kick (which could cause Fragmentation in other circumstances), causes Light, because you now have all four elements necessary for the level 3 skillchain.

Since you've been given concrete example-wamples up to level 2, I'll give you one here. If you have two highly skilled fighters, it's possible to achieve a level 3 skillchain with only two weapon skills.

First Weapon Skill : Swift Blade (Gravitation)

Second Weapon Skill : Cross Reaper (Distortion)
Skillchain : Dark

Even if you alter the arrangement of attacks, you will still get the level 3 skillchain. This is the most interesting thing about level 3. You can also decide to trigger a level 2 effect instead.

Not all scholarly endeavors are things that can be studied at your desky-wesk!

Do you understand? Skillchains are something that you must work with and practice in order to become proficientaru.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. Extra I

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