Start NPC Lehko Habhoka - Windurst Waters (S)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Mission Fate in Haze unlocked
Items Needed Key ItemSucculent Dragon Fruit
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Kitty Rod
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Mission: Fate in Haze

Quest: The Forbidden Path

Howl from the Heavens


  • This is an escort-type mission. You must escort Nhev Befrathi and Syu Befrathi through the area. You have 30 minutes to complete the mission.
  • Both NPCs must be clicked separately to get them to follow.
  • The mother stays relatively close while moving, while the daughter follows very slowly.
  • There are non-aggressive Aphotic Crabs and Goblin Scroungers in the zone.
  • The daughter will run away if she sees a Aphotic Crab. She will run to a dead end and stop.
  • Both NPCs stop moving if they spot a Goblin Scrounger, and will not allow you to move them until it is killed or out of range.
  • Near the end of the encounter are aggressive Yagudo Kamari. The mother will run away if she is in visual aggro range of a Yagudo Kamari.
  • Be aware that all monsters in this area are highly resistant to Sleep/Repose (may be immune).
  • Starting at I-7 on map 1, make your way to F/G-9 which takes you to map 2.
  • From I-8 on map 2, head to G-9 at which point both NPCs will let you know they have reached the exit point.
  • Talk to either NPC to Exit. You will then be teleported to West Sarutabaruta (S).
  • You automatically fail the quest if time expires or if both Mithra are caught more than 10 times during the mission.
  • If you fail the quest, you must wait until a new game day to acquire another Key ItemSucculent Dragon Fruit.

Game Description

Lehko Habhoka (Cobra Command, Windurst Waters (S))
A state of emergency has been declared as the Shadow Lord's army marches inexorably toward the Federation. In the midst of the turmoil, Lehko Habhoka has summoned you to Heavens Tower with a task of particular import...