Start NPC Malobra: Ra'Kaznar Inner Court (I-8)
Requirements Full completion of Seekers of Adoulin Missions
3-6 players
Items Needed KeyItemMacabre simulacrum purchased for 5000 Bayld
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varies (See below table)
Alter Egos:
Cipher: August
Cipher: Ingrid II
Cipher: Rosulatia
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The Light Within None

Before the Battle

Sinister Reign is a battlefield that pits you against the heroes of Seekers of Adoulin. It comes in three waves, each one spawning a random combatant you must defeat to progress.

Wave 1

One of the following groups of opponents will spawn.

Arciela and Ygnas S. Adoulin

  • Ygnas is a Leafkin. Very weak, can be defeated in a few seconds of focused attack.
  • Arciela uses Bellatrix attacks. She changes types between Light (healing and support) and Shadows (attack).
  • Extremely magic resistant.
  • Casts Shell V, Protect V, Fire spells.Information
  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Dynastic Gravitas: Information
    • Guiding Light: Information
    • Information


  • Very high evasion.
  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Stalking Prey: area of effect damage, Terror, hate reset.
    • Information


Wave 2

One of the following groups of opponents will spawn.


  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Start from Scratch: Erase on multiple status effects.
  • Information

Rosulatia and three Cirrus

  • The three Cirrus are vertical vine type monsters. They are fairly weak.Information.
  • Casts Stone spells and Break.
  • Inflicts Bind a lot.
  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Dryad's Kiss: Haste on Rosulatia.
    • Matriarchal Fiat: Information
    • Infected Illusion: Charm.
    • Information


  • Information

Wave 3

One of the following groups of opponents will spawn.


  • Like most Wyrms, can be attacked from any angle without him turning.
  • Has a breath attack he will use if he's at a distance.
  • Light-based attacks and TP moves.
  • Casts Diaga III, Dispel, Holy II Information.
  • Uses the following TP moves:

Arciela version 2

  • A stronger form than the first wave.
  • Heavily magic resistant.
  • Casts Information
  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Naakual's Vengeance: Uses at HP percent intervals. Area of effect magic damage, summons one of the six Naakual to do their ultimate TP move, as below:
      • Colkhab: Incisive ApotheosisExclamation. Cone effect, massive stat down.
      • Tchakka: Marine Mayhem. Area of effect, massive damage except within point blank distance.
      • Achuka: Incinerating Lahar. Area of effect damage, Weakness.
      • Yumcax: Tiiimbeeer. Area of effect damage, 10-count Doom.
      • Hurkan: Crashing ThunderExclamation. Area of effect damage.
      • Kumhau: Glassy NovaExclamation. Full dispel and all stats down.
    • Information

August Adoulin

  • Has special boss music.
  • Uses several of the Alluvion Skirmish weapons in his attack animations and TP moves.
  • Casts Information.
  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Daybreak: Area of effect damage, gives August wings, and preps him for:
    • No Quarter: Line attack, does extremely massive damage.
  • Information


Drops are based on which combatants spawned. All armor and weapons come with random augments. Drop table will be one from each combatant, a random craft item, or 1000 Bayld.

TODO: change to tables.

Arciela and Ygnas: Samgous set.

Ingrid: Cipher: Ingrid II


Rosulatia: Cipher: Rosulatia

Teodor: Vampirism, Samnuha, Cipher: Teodor



Arciela version 2:

August: Founder's armor, Cipher: August.

Drops Floral Gauntlets Leyline Gloves Jumalik Mail