Job Ability

  • Commands the Pet to make a special attack.
  • Obtained: Beastmaster Level 25
  • Recast Time: 2 minutes
  • Duration: N/A


  • Level 25 Beastmaster Job Ability which commands your pet to use a random special attack, enhancing skill or enfeebling skill once it has sufficient TP.
  • You can see your pet's current TP by typing <pettp>.
  • You can use this ability before your pet has 100% TP.
    • Doing so will cause the pet to randomly use its TP move after 100% TP+ - meaning it may not use its TP move immediately upon reaching 100%.
    • Using Sic when your pet has at least 100% TP will cause your pet to use its TP move immediately instead of randomly.
    • However, if you use Sic with less than 100% TP on a pet that can use magic such as Worms or Hecteyes, it will use a random magic spell instead of waiting for 100%+ TP to use a random TP skill.

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Sic" <me>