Game Script

Shock! Arrant Abuse of Authority - Upper Jeuno
Script Video
Moogle: Well, Master? Did you find my secret moggy bank?

Moogle: Oh yes! That's it! Without a doubt, kupo!

Moogle: hard-earned fortune!

Moogle: Hour upon backbreaking hour spent shoveling buffalo dung, with only the thought of a felicitous future with my fair Kupiruru to keep my spirits high...

Moogle: If you will, Master, just allow this poor moogle to count his fortune one last time before saying goodbye... One, two, three...kupo...

Moogle: Six hundred and thirty...six hundred and thirty-one... Ah, err... Six hundred and thirty-two gil.

Moogle: What with the MHMU in the red these days, it would seem our wages aren't what they used to be...

Moogle: I'm afraid this means we're still a smidgen short on funds, kupo.

Moogle: Oh, Master, is there no end to our misfortunes? Whatever shall we do now, kupoooooo...?

Moogle: Unless... No! Anyone...anything but...him!

Moogle: No siree! I promised my moogle mommy that no matter how rough things got, I would never--

Moogle: ...Never ever...!

Moogle: ...Never, ever, ever...!

Moogle: ...Stoop to that, kupo!

Moogle: But desperate times make for desperate moogles. Yes, Master, I fear that we have but one option at our disposal!

Moogle: Riko Kupenreich...the slipperiest, shadiest, shiftiest, scheming-est moneylender in all of Vana'diel, kupo!

Moogle: ...And the only one who would lend us what we need without demanding all our worldly possessions as collateral.

Moogle: I've been lucky to never have dealt with him before, but word has it that he's got a deep grudge against the Kupeliaure family, kupo. That he resents them for running a successful, upstanding business while he's left to skulk in the shadows...

Moogle: Riko peddles his trade in the murky depths of Sea Serpent Grotto. I hoped this day would never come, but business is business...and he's the only one who can help us now, kupo. Do take care, Master!

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