You acquire Shining Stars automatically per Earth day, after Japanese Midnight, when you visit your Mog Garden. You receive one as standard, but if 2 of your monsters being reared are "beaming with pure contentment", you receive two stars. For 3, you receive 3 stars. It can be assumed that if you receive 4 stars if all 4 of your monsters are beaming.

  • The Shining Stars tally will appear in the chat window when you enter your Mog Garden for the first time each day. You can also check how many Shining Stars you have by talking with the Green Thumb Moogle, or through your menu via Status > Currencies.
  • The maximum number of Shining Stars you can hold is at least 1,010.
  • Shining Stars may be used to activate Cheers with Chacharoon after completing the quest Chacharoon's Cheer. See the Cheers article for full details.
  • Shining Stars may be exchanged for Items or Key Items with the Green Thumb Moogle, as per the table below.

Green Thumb Moogle

Item/Service Shining Stars Cost
Trip to San d'Oria 1
Trip to Bastok 1
Trip to Windurst 1
Key ItemGil repository 5
One week of work from Kuyin Hathdenna 5
(must have completed Kit Empathizer)
One week of work from Susuroon 5
(must have completed Jingly Dangler)
One week of work from Yeestog 5
(must have completed Mole Manipulator)
Coalition Humus 10
Super Baitball 10
Coalition Chum 10
Key ItemCrab caller 15
Coalition Fertilizer 15
Coalition Serum 15
Key ItemShimmering invitation 15
Overalls 30