Shield Skill determines your ability to block an Attack with your Shield, negating some or all Damage. The higher your Shield Skill, the more often you will block attacks with your shield (varying with enemy's level relative to your job level).

Shield Block Activation and Effects

To activate Shield skill you must:

  • Have a shield equipped.
  • Fail your evasion and parry checks.
  • Be facing the mob (under ~60 degree angle).

Additional facts about blocking with shield:

  • Shields can block physical TP moves. A successful block with Ochain also prevents any additional effects from landing (e.g., Bukhis's Lethal Triclip won't dispel Cruor enhancements, Frypan won't stun, etc.)
  • Shields can block counters. A blocked counter functions the same as a missed or parried counter. The counter doesn't go off, and the log only shows your original melee hit. Since a blocked counter does not actually hit you, or deal damage, you do not receive TP for them via Shield Mastery.

Shield Block Rate

Shield block rate is similar to Summoning magic skill in that the player receives a bonus to block % based on the amount of Shield Skill they have ABOVE their level's natural shield skill.

Block rate is also penalized by mob level, though you do not receive a bonus for being above the Mob's level.

The estimated formula for Shield Block rate is:

Shield Block Rate = Base_Block_Rate + [((Shield Skill – Base_Skill)/SkillDivider) – LevelCorrectionFactor]

Base_Block_Rate = Depends on shield type, ~50% for Type 3 (proposed, though it could be lower, as I'm oversimplifying the skill divider).

Skill_Divider = 1~6 (depending on skill level tiers, potentially a stepwise increase every 100skill or so).

LevelCorrectionFactor = (MobLevel-PlayerLevel)/2, and only applies to mobs above our level, similar to pdif level correction.

Damage_Absorption = BASE + Shield_Defense / 2

[ Research and Confirmation of Shield Block %s.]

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 47 Cap at Level 95
Paladin A+ 6 144 396
Warrior C+ 5 133 350
White Mage D 4 128 310
Beastmaster E 4 119 280
Red Mage F 4 109 249
Thief F 4 109 249

Equipment that Enhance this Skill

By Amount Added

Name Skill Increase
+15 +12 +11 +10 +7 +6 +5 +3
Fighter's Mufflers +1 CheckCheck
Gallant Leggings +1 CheckCheck
Acheron Shield +1 CheckCheck
Warlock's Boots +1 CheckCheck
Warlock's Boots CheckCheck
Rogue's Culottes CheckCheck
Master Shield CheckCheck
Gallant Leggings CheckCheck
Fighter's Mufflers CheckCheck
Boxer's Mantle CheckCheck
Acheron Shield CheckCheck
Shield Torque CheckCheck
Creed Armet +2 CheckCheck
Kaiser Schaller CheckCheck
Skeld Sword CheckCheck
Storm Shield CheckCheck
Sinfender CheckCheck
Shield Belt CheckCheck
Pilferer's Aspis CheckCheck
Light Buckler CheckCheck
Koenig Schaller CheckCheck
Knight's Earring CheckCheck
Creed Armet +1 CheckCheck
Mu Necklace CheckCheck
Fortified Chain CheckCheck
Buckler Earring CheckCheck
Creed Earring CheckCheck

By Equipment Slot


Level Name Jobs Bonus
69 Sinfender PLD/DRK +5
90 Skeld Sword PLD/DRK +6


Level Name Jobs Bonus
30 Pilferer's Aspis All +5
40 Light Buckler WAR/WHM/RDM/THF/PLD/BST/SAM +5
52 Master Shield WAR/WHM/RDM/THF/PLD/BST/SAM +10
70 Storm Shield WAR/WHM/RDM/THF/PLD/BST/SAM Assault:+5
75 Acheron Shield WAR/RDM/DRK/BST/BLU +10
75 Acheron Shield +1 WAR/RDM/DRK/BST/BLU +11


Level Name Jobs Bonus
73 Koenig Schaller WAR/PLD +5
73 Kaiser Schaller WAR/PLD +6
85 Creed Armet +1 PLD +5
85 Creed Armet +2 PLD +7


Level Name Jobs Bonus
54 Fighter's Mufflers WAR +10
74 Fighter's Mufflers +1 WAR +15
77 Versa Mufflers WAR/PLD/DRK/BST/SAM/NIN +1~5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Fortified Chain All +3
65 Shield Torque All +7
75 Mu Necklace All Salvage:+3


Level Name Jobs Bonus
56 Rogue's Culottes THF +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
52 Gallant Leggings PLD +10
52 Warlock's Boots RDM +10
74 Warlock's Boots +1 RDM +10
74 Gallant Leggings +1 PLD +12


Level Name Jobs Bonus
30 Shield Belt All/active only if subjob is PLD +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
70 Boxer's Mantle All +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
35 Buckler Earring All +3
72 Knight's Earring All +5
90 Creed Earring PLD +3
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