Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Grants TP bonus when blocking an attack with a shield.
  • In order to receive TP from being hit, it requires that the unblocked hit would have done more than zero damage. If you would have taken 0 damage (due to an effect such as Stoneskin or Phalanx), no TP will be gained even if your shield blocks.
  • Prevents spell interruption from attacks that are blocked with the shield during spell casting. Any attacks that are not blocked by the shield still have a chance to interrupt.
  • It is speculated that on shield block, one would gain 1 extra TP with Shield Mastery I, 2 TP with Shield Mastery II, and 3 TP with Shield Mastery III.Information
  • Adoubeur's Pavise adds exactly 1 TP when blocking for 6 TP total. Store TP does not play a role.

Equipment that Enhances this Trait


Shield Mastery I

Shield Mastery II

  • Obtained: Paladin Level 50
  • Obtained: Red Mage Level 97
  • Total TP Gain: +2 Tp

Shield Mastery III

  • Obtained: Paladin Level 75
  • Total TP Gain: +3 Tp

Shield Mastery IV

  • Obtained: Paladin Level 96
  • Total TP Gain: +4 Tp
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