Mission Name Sheltering Doubt
Number PM4-1
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Darkness Named The Savage


  • Return to Tavnazian Safehold for a cutscene.
  • Talk to Despachiaire (K-10) on the top floor, through the entrance with Fouagine beside it, and inside the Walnut door at the back. You may need to speak to him 2 times, you'll know you've got it when you get a cut scene involving Tenzen. (Not the one about the Mithran sin hunters). Note: there are multiple Walnut Doors, the correct door is located at (K-9).
  • Talk to Justinius (J-6) on the top floor.
  • Head to Misareaux Coast (via Tavnazian Safehold Home Point #1 and then through the southwest exit at (G-6) to Misareaux Coast) and inspect the Dilapidated Gate at (I-11) (Snowmint Point).
  • WINDOWER ALERT: On July 24, 2019 Windower 4 with Enternity addon and FastCS addon turned on froze/hard locked the game client during this cutscene at Prishe's line: "Let's make that world right here!".
  • NOTE: You can disable FastCS by typing //lua unload fastcs
    • If the game resumes the cutscene you can type //lua load fastcs or //lua reload fastcs.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Prishe has returned to Tavnazia, and it would be wise to follow. The winds of twenty years past have once again begun to swirl about the islands. What evils do these winds carry?
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