• Can be trio'd by a skilled Monk/Ninja, Samurai/Warrior, and Red Mage/White Mage with the use of 2-hours by the Monk and Samurai. After the initial aggro of Tuchulcha, run around as a group to search out the Antlions. Monk and Samurai use their 2-hour abilities on 2 of the 3 hunters if aggro'd. If the third hunter spawns have the Red Mage sleep and gravity while searching out Tuchulcha. Can be done this way in less than 10 minutes. Meds are recommended for the Red Mage i.e. Vile Elixir, Vile Elixir +1
  • The ENM can be trio'd with different setups also, but mnk is is well suited for this enm because they have a very useful 2hr and can use chakra to gain hp back. You can easily replace the mnk(s) or sam(s) with wars or different jobs but with a different setup you might have to take a tp wing or hp meds. War/sam or war/nin works also burning the Hunters with 2hr>ws>tp wing>ws (or 2hr>ws>meditate>ws).
  • another strategy to trio this fight with Monk/Ninja (we had Galka) Samurai/Ninja (we had Hume) White Mage/Scholar (we had Mithra) is to enter, buff etc, after first pop of Tuchulcha go around as a group (because if you split up other members might be to far if you get a pop alone) if pops an hunter kill it without 2hr, save 2hr of mnk and sam for 2nd and 3rd hunters if should pop. We managed to kill all of 3 hunters and Tuchulcha in this way in 13 minutes with litle trouble and without meds, without use of benediction and with no MP problem.
  • Can be beaten with SAM/NIN, PLD/NIN, THF/NIN, WHM/BLM with some difficulty, no 2-hours used.
  • Can be duoed by Samurai/Ninja and Red Mage/White Mage with some difficulty.
  • Can be duoed by skilled Monk/Warrior and Red Mage/White Mage
    • NM hits for about 120-150 (up to 300 on a crit). /WAR is not a great idea unless you want to rely on Counterstance to keep you alive. Me (MNK/WAR) and a friend (RDM/WHM) got the NM down to about 50% before he was completely out of MP. We got unlucky and found two antlions and failed. Kalice 17:39, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Can be Duoed by decently geared Red Mage/Ninja and Black Mage/Ninja using Utsusemi to avoid hits and AM2 and Tier IV nukes to drop Tuchulcha Avoiding the hunters is key here as having to sleep more then one can ruin the run.
  • People never mention this but usually the ONLY way to do this duo is to have one of the members use a third party tool that allows you to see where the mobs are located. This is against the TOS however but many people still use it because its done on the clients side so nobody will notice if you use it. You will either need this or good luck. Not true, duo this ENM regularly with sam/war and rdm/whm and neither of us use 3rd party tools to locate the NM. A few close calls but no loss so far. See the luck part :P, tho I know 2x rdm/nin and some other job combos can duo the enm with difficulty but mostly people who go duo/solo use the radar to spot the NMs.
  • Easily killed with Samurai x3 and a White Mage. Even if you find the regular monsters instead of the NM, you can still finish with plenty of time. Some form of refresh is required, and usually one of the Samurai should be /war to take hate off the mage. Possible to rest during fights if the Samurai are skilled enough to not take damage for the 10+ seconds it takes to get mp back. Everyone, including the mage, should follow a single individual to pop the mobs so multiple fights at the same time do not result in a death. Not recommended to rest while the others are looking, because you have a good chance to trigger another Antlion searching for those that are dieing. Not known if using Sneak will avoid aggro from Ants still under the ground.
  • Can be soloed by a skilled Dragoon, Samurai, Red Mage, or Black Mage.
  • FFXI Apradar makes this ENM soloable by most jobs with the right items/equip.
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