Type: ENM
Zone: Boneyard Gully
          Level: 75
          Members: Recommended: 6 | Maximum: 18
          Time: 15 minutes
Key Item: Miasma Filter





Tuchulcha x 1



Armored Hunter x 1



Shrewd Hunter x 1



Swift Hunter x 1






Zero to One of:
Galateia (26.8%)
Kejusu Satin (26.6%)
Viridian Urushi (34.2%)
Zero to One of:
Cloud Evoker (5.6%)
Zero to One of:
Hagun (8.2%)
Martial Axe (9.2%)
Martial Wand (6.3%)
Forager's Mantle (10.5%)
Harmonia's Torque (12.1%)
Zero to One of:
Hagun (0.1%)
Martial Axe (0%)
Martial Wand (0%)
Forager's Mantle (0.1%)
Harmonia's Torque (0%)

Gaining Access

  • Only one of the four ENM battles in Boneyard Gully can be completed every five Earth days.

ENM Battle

  • You will enter the battlefield facing a single Antlion named Tuchulcha. Despite the three other Antlions in this battlefield, only Tuchulcha must be defeated to win.
  • All buffs including TP are removed upon entry.
  • Tuchulcha is initially buried in the corridor by the entrance that feeds into the larger battlefield area. Mages should stay behind the tank/damage-dealers to avoid initial agro and potentially getting one-shotted.
  • Tuchulcha is completely immune to all forms Sleep, Gravity, Bind, Paralyze, Stun and Charm. It is susceptible, however, to all forms of Damage Over Time, Defense Down, and Slow spells.
  • Every 25% of its HP (at 75%, 50%, and 25%), Tuchulcha will bury itself under the sand, accompanied by use of the ability Sandpit. When this occurs, the party will have to search the battlefield to find Tuchulcha. When it uses Sandpit, all enmity is reset. Sandpit will also remove any enfeebling effects that were on Tuchulcha and Bind whoever had hate.
  • It is possible, though difficult, to kill Tuchulcha in only 3 spawns if a large amount of spike damage is timed to hit it at 25% health.
  • A tier II Ancient Magic, like Burst II, used as Magic Burst on a level 3 Skillchain, can be a simple way to reduce Tuchulcha's life beyond the 25% range. The Skillchain must be well timed to allow Magic Burst before the use of Sandpit.
  • All Antlions, including Tuchulcha, are "found" via true sound agro, and they will immediately open with Pit Ambush when agro'd. This is a high-damage, single-target attack that removes all Shadow Images on the target. Players searching for Tuchulcha should apply as much defense/physical damage reduction as possible, as well as Stoneskin and/or Phalanx if they are available.
  • Most parties split up to look for the Antlions, but be wary of accidentally finding 2 or more at the same time.
  • The "Hunters" are susceptible to Sleep. Many parties sleep the "Hunters" while looking for Tuchulcha. However, since they do develop resistance to Sleep over time, it is recommended that you kill at least one of the "Hunters" to avoid needless linking and death.
  • Defeating the "Hunters" will have no effect on the outcome or drops of the battle; only Tuchulcha must be defeated.

Job specific strategies