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The Dancer's Testimony must first be obtained for this fight. You can get it from the following:

Dancer's Testimony Drop

Name Level Zone
Amber Quadav 59 - 63 North Gustaberg (S)
Greater Quadav 59 - 63 North Gustaberg (S)
Young Quadav 59 - 63 North Gustaberg (S)
Veteran Quadav 59 - 63 North Gustaberg (S)
Young Quadav 61 - 63 Grauberg (S)
Veteran Quadav 61 - 63 Grauberg (S)
Amethyst Quadav 61 - 63 Grauberg (S)


It should be noted that the dancer doing the in the video is already 75 and using gear that can not be equiped by a lvl 70 dancer. So if you're like me, a DNC that is doing GK5 for the first time with this job, wait for my guide or someone elses. Sadly the fight is not capped so a lv 75 will always have a much easier time.

Laila Strategy [1]

This fight is very difficult if you do not enter prepared. It is recommended you purchase one Icarus Wing and a Hi-Potion Tank for this fight, no other medicines will be needed. Roughly 5-6 Hi-Potion will be enough. Use your best damage dealing gear, preferably with as much accuracy as you can as Laila is fairly evasive. Use the best meat you have, I recommend a Sis Kebabi over more general food such as Meat Mithkabob, as a kebabi will furtherly increase your attack cap.

Begin the fight by immediately engaging Laila, this fight can be prolonged and time can easily become an issue. Gradually build TP, and use Quicksteps to lower her evasion before focusing on Box Step. Avoid using any kind of Samba or using any of the Flourishes I moves. When you reach 4 steps, use a Reverse Flourish. Continue to build TP to 100 while using your Hi-Potion to avoid the need to use Curing Waltz. Once you reach 100+ TP, use a Building Flourish and use either Evisceration or Dancing Edge. Evisceration generally does the best damage, but if you do not have access to it yet, Dancing Edge is also fine. Immediately after you use your weapon skill, use your Icarus Wing and use Dancing Edge immediately after. Use Dancing Edge for the second WS regardless if you used Evisceration or Dancing Edge first.

By now Laila should be roughly half HP and may or may not have used Trance at this point, fortunately, she will still only use Curing Waltz, making it completely non-threating, however, chances are your HP is low, so use your Trance and spam your Curing Waltz IV to get back to full HP. Also take this as a time to apply Drain Samba III. Once you are fully cured, use Healing Waltz to remove any Steps Laila has placed on you. Continue to heal yourself and use Healing Waltz as necessary while Trance is up.

Continue to build TP at this point, using Reverse Flourish after every 4 Finishing Moves. Since the Flourishes II cooldown is 30 seconds after a Reverse Flourish, it may be best to just spam Dancing Edge or Evisceration without Building Flourish. After two more weapon skills the fight should be over.

To see the video of this entire strategy view the YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byhGAHRzMtc

-Strategy submitted by Mercy of Migardsormr.

Laila Strategy [2]

I just beat her at 70, DNC being my highest job. This isn't a full strategy, just some things that helped me, as I went 0/2 following the above strategy, and had to adjust it a bit to get through.

I had issues with my Steps hitting the first time through, so I changed over to Sole Sushi for subsequent fights, the added acc was a huge help gathering TP.

I also opened up with the Opo-opo Necklace Sleeping Potion combo, instead of trying to build the first 100tp by fighting. (don't forget to re-equip your regular neck-piece though)

I used 10 Hi-Potion throughout the fight, most at the end after Trance and ended with 324 HP, so it was close.

I opened up with Dancing Edge Icarus Wing Dancing Edge. After that I gathered TP as usual, and used Trance when my HP got too low. I got in a third Dancing Edge and at the end, I used Wild Flourish Dancing Edge, which didn't quite finish her, but 2-3 more regular hits did. Finished in just over 7 minutes.

-Ninaa of Shiva

Laila Strategy [3]

Here's how I did it after my 3rd try.

Went in with my usual Icarus Wing, Persikos, and using Squid Sushi +1 before entering... Instead of having a jumble of different potions left over from other events (which I was completely out of by now)... I bought a Hi-potion tank and depleted that before entering. I was still left over with 9 Hi-Pots by the time I finished her, and was still at 700HP.

I'd say the key to this fight is just pumping out weaponskills as fast as possible. Don't worry about your wild or building flourish because it just takes too much time to accumulate the steps to perform. I pumped out 2 weapon skills as fast as possible and that had her down 50%, I used my Trance and used Drain Samba III, and Healing Waltz a couple of times (Didn't even use Waltz during Trance). As soon as I hit 100 TP, I used Dancing Edge, and then used Icarus Wing for another Dancing Edge to do Detonation, and that was it.

4 Weaponskills and she was down. There's no point in wasting time, because the longer the fight is drawn out it seems, the more likely she is to spam weaponskills, considering I even beat the record (4 minutes and 1 second), it's obvious that this is nothing but a race to beat her down before she gets tired of playing with you.

As far as equipment goes...

Behemoth Knife War Hoop Cobra Cap, Mittens, and Subligar Chivalrous Chain Spike Earring x2 Scorpion Harness Ecphoria & Unyielding Ring Amemet Mantle +1 Life Belt and Dancer's Toe Shoes

-Viandroto of Garuda

Laila Strategy [4]

I beat her last night on my first attempt (VIDEO), maybe I was lucky, maybe not...but here's what I did. I am Elvaan, so some of my gear choices may not be exactly right for you, but most of this stuff is dirty cheap and can be bought off the Auction Hall or quested relatively easily (this is my standard gear, what I wear everyday...I bought nothing special for this fight).

First off, the gear:Behemoth Knife, Smart Grenade, Cobra Unit Cap, Opo-opo Necklace(for sleeping TP obviously), Spike Necklace, Coral Earring, Harvest Earring, Scorpion Harness, Dancer's Bangles, Fluorite Ring x2, Amemet Mantle, Life Belt, Dancer's Tights, Dancer's Toe Shoes

For Food/Medicines, I used: 12 Hi-Potions, Squid Sushi, Persikos au Lait, Sleeping Potions x4, and Icarus Wing (Forgot to use the wing lol).

Strategy: Sleep to 100% TP. Eat sushi after you sleep to 100% TP, (Squid Sushi has a resist sleep trait, which will make you wake up sooner and thus get less TP). Run to the end of the tunnel, but before you engage Laila, drink your Persikos Au Lait. Then run in there swinging!

Although not the way Dancer is typically played (not by me, anyways), the key to this fight is to deal as much damage as possible to Laila as quickly as you can. Start off with a Dancing Edge, then build steps on her (alternating between Box Step and Quickstep), using Hi-potions when needed. Once you have 5 Finishing Moves, Reverse Flourish and Dancing Edge again. Don't waste TP on Cure's, that's what the Hi Potions are for. I was able to get three weapon skills on her before I needed to use Trance...try and wait as long as you can before you pop your 2-hour, so as to ensure that it doesn't run out on you before the fight is over, being able to cure yourself with impunity really makes the end of this fight easy.

In my experience Laila used a few different weapon skills throughout the fight, Dancing Edge was certainly the most painful, but her Viper Bite and Cyclone were a complete joke, so hopefully you'll be lucky and get the Special Ed. version of Laila like I did. Anyways, once I used my last Hi-Potion, I popped Trance, Curing Waltz IV myself back to full health, threw up Drain Samba III (why not, it's free), and continued using Steps on her. Reverse Flourish-Dancing Edge again, and that was it. You don't have to completely kill her, just get her to about 20% health and she'll throw in the towel. All told, 4 D-E's was pretty much all it took.

In retrospect, I was far more worried then I needed to be. As an Elvaan, Laila didn't really hit me too hard, and surprisingly enough, I pretty much landed every swing...being Elvaan I'm used to missing all the time, but wasn't even an issue here. Don't even attempt this until you hit 70; like previously said, wait for Behemoth's Knife...the knives you use at earlier levels are crap, and you need all the damage you can get to finish this fight off early.

-Xxnumbertwoxx of Fairy (Effedup 18:41, 15 March 2009 (UTC))

Laila Strategy [5]

Here's what I did as a level 70 dancer:

Forget about sleeping TP, really, you dont have time. I ate some sole sushi before going in and used a blink band before engaging her. Armed with 23 hi-pots, I worked at stepping her and building TP to 100% with 2 FM and wild flourished/dancing edged her. I did this twice, all the while curing myself only with the hi-pots.

After my second WS, she'd had DE'd me twice (fortunately not back -to-back this time) so I used Trance, cured myself, used drain samba III, healing waltz and spammed the heck out of my steps. Once Trance wore off, her health was below 50% at this time. , I popped a Iwing, wild flourish/DE'd her again.

It took one more wild flourish/dancing edge to finish her off at around 6 mins and I came very close to death my self because she hit me with DE back to back. I ended the fight with 106 HP

My suggestions to Lv 70 dancers going into this fight as their first LB5:

  • gear for both Accuracy AND strength the best you can. I used mostly my AF with the exception of the body (scorpion harness) and head gear at the begining (blink band) and I choose rings that added strength and a belt for accuracy.
  • wait on using the Icarus Wing until she's below 50% health and has hopefully already used Trance herself. This was one of the major differences in my last victorious battle.
  • do not use TP to cure yourself, use hi-pots and only cure yourself during Trance. Same for Drain Samba ~ which is helpful ~ only use it when it's free.
  • wild flourish is the key. the extra 200-300 damage you get on Scission is what will bring her down. In previous fights I was able to WS her up to 6 times, only using wild flourish once or twice, but it did not do enough damage. It took 4 wild flourish/dancing edge combos instead.

I've read extensively that this is a tough fight, even for a 75 dancer, but especially hard at level 70.

Mekaree, Bahamut

Laila Strategy [6]

I finished this literally a few moments ago on my first attempt, and wanted to add in my own personal acconut. DNC is my highest job, and I did this fight at 70. Gear wise I was using the Behemoth's Knife, mostly AF except for Scorpion Harness, and my normal PT gear. I did not use a blink band or stone gorget or anything of that sort, either. Tiphia Sting, Chivalrous chain, Beetle Earring +1, Spike Earring, Ecphoria Ring, Woodsman Ring, Potent Belt and Amemet Mantle. As well as a Wrestler's Aspis, asI like to have a shield when /sam, just 'cause it's an empty slot that can be filled, and it fit in well here!

I grabbed a Hi-Potion tank and got about 10 potions out of it, and even bought a few X-Potions, not knowing they had much longer use time. As such, I used only one during the fight, but it was not an issue. Also used Sole Sushi, and had /sam. Before the battlefield I attempted to buff Third-Eye/Meditate, just in case the TP gain effect would carry over with me, but it did not. ALL BUFFS WILL WEAR UPON ENTRY. Food and the sort stay as normal, of course, but any other effects go away as if it were capped. I did not notice this stressed anywhere else in particular, so I wanted to make that clear.

I did NOT use the Opo-Opo necklace and sleep potions for TP, but instead opted to try for a quick and fast fight. I went in with food already active and then used the Persikos Au Lait, then ran up and engaged. I put on Quicksteps as quickly as I could, and even did a Violent Flourish at first (I have a habit of doing step -> flourish I -> step step -> reverse that is hard to break :P ) but held off from that anymore for the rest of the fight. Used a Hi-Potion or two as the fight got underway, then opened with a Dancing Edge that only did ~240, built up TP again, used a few more potions, and another Dancing Edge for 317. She had done a few of her own Dancing Edge's by now, so I quit with the potion spam and popped my 2-Hour and cured to full, hit Drain Samba III, then a few steps and a reverse. Did Dancing Edge -> Icarus Wing -> Dancing Edge for a solid 417->435->217 Detonation and she was down, victory! I got the record with 4 minutes and 40 seconds, and didn't even use all 10 Hi-Potions. The fight really isn't too bad if you keep your wits about you and don't get too unlucky. (I ate two Dancing Edges from her, but I could see it being worse, though they did only 320ish damage each. Also, I am not capped in evasion nor parrying, and even got a skillup during the fight.)

~ Guide/Anecdote by Losie of Kujata. ~

Laila Strategy [7]

Gear used: Behemoth Knife +1, Smart Grenade, Cobra Cap, Cobra Mittens (Macro in AF for Steps), Chivalrous Chain, 2x Coral Earrings, Scorpion Harness, Sun Ring, Ecphoria Ring, Amemet Mantle (NQ), Life Belt, AF Pants & Shoes.

Items Used: 15 Hi-Potions, 4 Sleeping Potions, Persikos au Lait, Sole Sushi, Blink Band, Icarus Wing

Strategy: Well, first off, I need to say three things. 1) My dagger was uncapped @ 228! 2) I did NOT 2hr! 3) I did not Self-Skillchain. With that said. I went in, slept to 100% TP, used Blink Band, ate Sushi & used Persikos. Then I engaged. Dancing Edged once, fumbled around in inventory and missed the Skillchain timer, used wing, Dancing Edged again. I built tp like normal. And then instead of using a step, I used Drain Samba III >< Didn't really matter. Like I said, built TP like normal. Build 4 Steps, Reverse Flourish. I didn't use anything besides Quickstep and Boxstep and Reverse Flourish. Used potions to keep my HP high. She used three Viper Bites & 1 Dancing Edge. I was really lucky. In four tries, I used my 2HR too early, too late & was just plain Dancing Edged to death. It's horrible to say, but this battle comes down to luck. Like I said earlier, though, I didn't 2HR on my final run, and I ended the fight with 897/1139 HP.

Good luck and I hope this information helps you!

- Lucine of Shiva -

Laila Strategy [8]

Gear used: Behemoth Knife x2, Smart Grenade, Dancer's Tiara, Scorpion Harness, Chivalrous Chain, Opo-opo Necklace (for sleeping TP), Life Belt, Amemet Mantle +1, Spike Earring x2, Ecphoria Ring, Assailant's Ring, Dancer's Bangles, Dancer's Tights, and Dancer's Shoes

Items Used: Hi-Potion x6, Sleeping Potion x4, Icarus Wing, Squid Sushi +1

Strategy: I lost the first time because I didn't realize you can only use one Icarus Wing the duration of the fight. The second time, I slept TP to 100 using the Opo-opo Necklace and Sleeping Potions. I am glad someone mentioned to eat after you had slept, because that would have wasted me some time and money if I hadn't read that. Anyway, I slept my TP, ate my sushi, and ran in with the Dancing Edge>>Icarus Wing>>Dancing Edge skillchain for Detonation. After that, I built TP as usual with Quickstepx2, Reverse Flourish (FYI: You get two finishing moves per successful step, UNTIL you hit daze level 5, after whcih you only get one finishing move per successful step). After getting off Dancing Edge again, I activated Trance. Trance lasts for a whole minute, so I Curing Waltz IV>>Drain Samba III>>Curing Waltz IV'd myself. The Hi-Potions were interspersed throughout the fight as needed. Just keep weapon skilling her as often as you can.

I finished the fight with 400 HP left out of around 980. I'm a tiny TaruTaru, so Attack, Strength, and Accuracy were really important. My dagger skill was at 232 going in, so nearly capped.

Good luck to you!

-Cumaea of Garuda

Laila Strategy [9]

Gear Used: Behemoth Knife +1, Cobra Cap, Cobra Mittens, Fang Earring, Harvest Earring, Assailant's Ring, Ecphoria Ring, Scorpion Harness,Chivalrous Chain, Amemet Mantle +1, Dancer's Tights, Dancer's Shoes, Blink Band

Items Used: Squid Sushi +1, Persikos au Lait, Icarus Wing, Hi-Potion x 17

I highly suggest you wait until 70 to do this fight. It's just frustrating before that and much more difficult. I went in twice at minimum level and got smeared. I also suggest capping dagger skill first.

Strategy: (I call this the "wait" method) I went in, Used my Blink Band, switched to my Cobra Cap, ate my Sole Sushi +1, ran up to where I could see her, popped my Persikos au Lait, and ran in and attacked. First 10 tp I got I used Quickstep. I used Quickstep Every chance I got, every 4 Finishing moves I used Reverse Flourish and Dancing Edge when I was full TP. When she got me down to yellow I would spam Hi-pots (had it macroed) until I was in white health again. I just kept using doing that until she was around 35% and then I used Dancing Edge, Icarus Wing, Dancing Edge and it was over. I used all of my hi-pots, Had I had enough Inventory space for more I would have probably used them too. I didn't realize until after it was over that I DID NOT use Trance, Curing Waltz, Drain Samba, or Healing Waltz. I finished with 343 HP @ 6 Minutes 54 seconds. She used her 2 hour when I got her to about half hp.

I suggest using your 2 hour if you need hp, but save it for danger. The only reason I didn't was because I never felt the need to. I suggest paying no attention to anything but your health bar, and her health bar. That means not worrying about Healing Waltz even in Trance. I had all kinds of status ailments from her steps and flourishes I, but I wasn't worried about them. I'm sure a Drain Samba III would have helped during trance since its free, but I was just focused on building finishing moves and watching my health. I did this on my 5th try and used the same method pretty much on my fourth try, and would have had her had I not used DE + tp wing + DE when she was still half full. That only took her to about 25%. That, and I'm sure it didn't help that I went in on my 4th try with my Hi-pot tank on my back on accident. :B I'm very confident that I could use this method over and over again with the same results.

Thanks Sickboy, for helping me build my strategy. Thanks Sturmvogel, Defiled, and Tovion for the Morale Support.

Good Luck!

-Sweetmaryjane of Diabolos

Laila Strategy [10]

Level: 70

Gear: Behemoth Knife, War Hoop, Dancer's Tiara, Scorpion Harness, Psilos Mantle, Life Belt, Dancer's Bangles, Tiger Stole, Dancer's Tights, Tiger Ring, Drone Earring, Dodge Earring, Ecphoria Ring, Cobra Leggings

Macro'd gear:

Dancer's Casaque for Waltz Potency

Items consumed:

Hi-Potion x11 (you may need more... i got really lucky.), Sole Sushix1, Persikos au Laitx1, Icarus Wing x1

First, I couldn't have done it without Laila Strategy [1-9]. I mostly did a combination of the above. Here's how it went down: Forget the sleep-tp technique, it wastes your time. You sacrifice 2 minutes to get only 100% tp. I got that in 30 seconds fighting Laila. After I got 95-100% tp, I slapped a Box Step on her and used Wild Flourish with a Dancing Edge for about 457 total. Then she landed a Viper Bite on me. I then built up my TP again for another DE. This time I used my Icarus Wing and skillchained for a total of 682 damage at which time, Laila was nearing 50% where she Tranced. I then tranced after she landed her first DE on me for 426. During my Trance, I Curing Waltz IV'd myself to health, used a couple Healing Waltzs to remove her step and finally tossed in a Drain Samba III. I built up my TP again to do a final DE for 280 damage where she conceded defeat. I ended with 982 health and a message that said that I beat the clear time record with 5min and 30sec.

I tried it twice before, nearly beating it the first time. Those two times I used my Cobra Harness for the Store TP. The first time, I didn't win because I lost my internet connection when she was at 30%. I nearly had enough to land a DE, so I should have won. The second time I fought her, I ran out of Hi-Potions, I had only used 6 the first time, so I decided to only pop 8 out of my tank. Bad idea. This time, she used Dancing Edge a total of 4 times. I had to Curing Waltz III myself which prevented me from getting enough TP in time to kill her at around 7 min. Needless to say, she landed 3 Dancing Edges in a row killing me with 90% TP.

Hope this helps! Feel free to /tell me if you have any questions.

-Akaden of Asura

Well, just to let you know you do have to be 70, I thought well maybe as level 66 i could, or so, but no i died really fast even with all those items listed above except Behemoth's Knife, I was able to do one Dancing Edge but it only did about 280 damage then she did it to me for about 600.

Julea, Phoenix.

Laila Strategy [11]

Level 70, went 1/1

Gear used: Behemoth Knife +1, Tiphia Sting, Optical Hat, Tabin Bracers +1 (Macro in AF for Steps), Spike Necklace, 2x Coral Earrings, Scorpion Harness +1, Assailant's Ring, Courage Ring +1, Amemet Mantle +1 , Headlong Belt, AF Pants & Shoes.

Items Used: 6-7 Hi-Potions, 4 Sleeping Potions, Opo-opo Necklace, Persikos au Lait, Coeurl Sub, Icarus Wing

Strategy: After reading all the above posts, I started to get a little tense about this fight, but I have to say it was ridiculously easy - but then again, maybe because I had to fight Maat as RDM as my 1st 75.

I did take a few components from all of the above strats, and did win fairly easily. As you can see my gear was middle of the road to decent, my dagger was capped, and my evasion was at 226. I did the typical Sleep pot-raise TP to 100% and went in with Dancing Edge as my first hit. I then used an Icarus Wing and immediately hit her again with the same. After that, it was a battle to who can build TP 1st. As mentioned above, I didnt waste my time, til near the end, on sambas, using both Box Step and Quick Step and Reverse Flourish every 4 finishing moves.

Using Hi-Pots as needed, I just beat her down with a couple more Dancing Edges before I finally used Trance to seal the deal. I Cure Waltz IV myself a couple times, and threw up Haste Samba. At this point, I was about 60% TP. One Reverse Fourish and a Box Step later, and I ended with a Wild Flourish and Dancing Edge. Finished with 689/1103 HP and 4 Hi-Pots outta 10 I brought with me left.

I had everything Macro'd for ease of use, and any STR+ gear was built into the WS macro. Again, don't panic going in, don't stress, fight her as you would just about any mob, and it should be a breeze, really.

I hope this helps, good luck to all you Dancer's out there.

- Kegger, Sylph, 3/1/10 -

Laila Strategy [12]

Level 70, went 1/1

Gear Used: Behemoth Knife, Joyeuse, Bibiki Seashell, Cobra Unit Cap, Chivalrous Chain, Spike Earring, Coral Earring, Assault Jerkin, Tarasque Mitts, Uthalam's Ring, Rajas Ring, Amemet Mantle, Headlong belt, Dancer Tights, Dancer's Toe Shoe

Items used: Squid Sushi, Hi potions x 4 (never used), Icarus Wing (never used)

Strategy: Went to fight, and popped sushi. As soon as you get 10 TP using Quickstep and boxstep. Build those two up and do not worry about what Laila is slapping on you, they are of little worry. Every 4 finishing moves use reverse flourish and you should build up TP quickly, even if you are using Curing Waltz 4 every so often when she uses Dancing Blade. Drain Samba 3 is recommended to maintain HP. I did not WS until she used Trance. At which point I also used Trance with Building Flourish and then Wild Flourish and that will take a big bite out of her HP.

Fight is fairly straight forward

- Synelia, Quetzalcoatl Aug 6 2010 -

Laila Strategy [13]

A Few things that you should know:

1. Dancer now has Dual Wield, making this fight much easier. I added that in because some people still don't know that yet.

2. Doing this @70 still applies! The above guides are telling you this for a reason. :) I was rushing to get this done since I haven't done G5 yet, so I went in @68. I can personally tell you that with this setup I'm about to show you, you will come close enough just to lose even with dual-wield and 30+ Hi-potions. even with the sleep method/Icarus wing, or just straight rushing in you will get her to about 45/35% just in time for her to start spamming Dancing Edge which only takes 2 to kill you. There is a HUGE damage and defense increase available just 2 levels away that cuts her damage in half almost and nearly doubles yours. Not to mention your Weapon Skill Damage will pretty much double as well. Level 68: 0/5. Level 70: 1/1. Save yourself the time and resources and do this @70.

3. Use Macros for your perishable Items(really this is optional, but it does help the fight go faster). You can do this fight with easily attainable gear. most of this gear is bought off the ah for reasonable prices except for one. One is camped easily, one is done through a quest, and the rest is AF which you can solo.

Now lets get started:

Level 70, Gear: (listing any stats worth mentioning.)

Behemoth Knife X2:(make sure you get these. you have a high chance in winning and these are the knifes that will give you your Huge Damage boost.)

War hoop: Brought it for Charisma, but you don't need it OR Charisma other than DE modifier. Not one waltz was used here.(keep in mind Dex is also a mod for DE.)

Empress Hairpin: brought it for it's stats. Dexterity/Agility +3 Evasion +10. she missed me 3 times during this fight. Other than the Dex modifier for DE, I would say this isn't that important.

Peacock Charm: Accuracy is very important for Dancer. you need to hit Laila. Get this if you can, this is 1 million+ though.

Harvest ring: +1 Dex/Agi/Mnd. Don't really meed this.

Velocity Ring: Evasion +4. As I said, she missed 3 times ever. don't need it.

Rapparee Harness: Haste 4%. Behemoth knives have higher delay than a lot of knives so I brought this along. I'm no expert at haste modifiers, but I think it helped. Throw in a haste samba to stack with if you want, don't really need that either lol.

Dancer's Bangles: Steps accuracy, and mods for DE. helpful to land your steps.

Ecphoria ring: Acc, and 1 store tp. Acc is important anyways. get this as its pretty cheap for 4 Acc if you don't have anything better.

Woodsman ring: Acc, lowers evasion though. Get this if nothing better.

Amemet mantle +1: this will give you a bit of muscle lol. str+2, att +15. With this and behemoth knives you now have +32 att. helpful.

Life Belt: +10 Acc. Get this if you can unless you're good on Acc.

Dancer's Tights: Chr for DE, 3 acc. If you have something better use it. there's leg gear I know can give you at least 1 more Acc.

Dancer's toe shoes: Att +5 combined with others gives 37 att.

Gear summary:

As elvaan I was hitting for about 30/40, crit 60 ish. @68 without behemoths and same gear you will hit for 15/30 ish with 40ish crits. DE was in the 200/300 range @68, @70 above 400. kick it up a few notches with a building flourish, you be around 500, and you will only need to do 3 Weaponskills instead of 4. trust me, this will make a huge difference.

Items: Blink band: Shadows wouldn't hurt, but you don't need it.

Persikos Au Lait: regen wouldn't hurt, not that important.

Icarus wing: I expected to use this for the Detonation Skill chain but if you don't use it a the start of the battle(For record record breaking reasons, or on your second weaponskill) you won't need it at all. Try to use it on your third, and you will win before you can use the macro.(this happened to me)

Sushi: bring some kind of sushi to help with your Acc. I used Sole sushi.

Hi-Potions: macroed these in and used them for main healing. one of these at this setup and level will heal about 2 of her hits, even with her box step on you. the remainder hp missing after some of her hits you won't matter with the regen if you decide to use it. save your tp for your steps and ws to finish this quick. if she decides to use her DE(she used 4 ws during this fight, 3 were DE's and one not even worth mentioning VB) 3-5 of these will get your health back and then some. I brought 35 of these via Hi-Potion Tanks, and used 28 of them. Again, I used all of my tp for steps and weaponskills and used these to heal. you do not have to bring this many, or even heal with these at all, but I did because I had them.

Meat and Potatoes:

Went in wearing the blink band, used it, used the sole sushi, ran up till I saw laila, used the persikos, ran to laila, attacked, built 2 Finishing moves, reverse flourished, built 2 more, used a high pot, built another. at this point she used DE, so built one more FM (she was @ Lehargic daze lvl 5 now) used 5 Hi-pots, threw a box step, building flourish and DE for nearly 500 damage. used hi pot, she used DE for 296. used 6 hi pots, reversed, De for 430. built tp for a bit, until she hit me with DE for 490 used 7 high pots, built some box steps, built more tp, she used Viper Bite for 37. Ouch. used 1 potion, built another step, reversed, dancing edge for 400 ish, GAME.

That all took five minutes, 22 seconds.

This Fight really is straightforward, like the above guide said, and I thank those who made the guides above mine for giving me the tips I needed to do this. As for me doing this @68 instead of 70, not sure if it can't be done, I came pretty close sometimes but sometimes I would get destroyed badly, even with dual wield. listen to these guides here and do them @70. This is very easy.

If this is your First G5, congratulations! you get a warp scroll to warp out of there. I hope this helps all of you who chose DNC as their main.

This is also my first guide ever, sorry its so detailed for such an easy fight.

Good luck

Keretsu, Ragnarok 8-AUG-10

Laila Strategy [14]

Just beat this as lvl 70 after dreading it for a long time.. but it was super easy >p< Wish I hadn't wasted the time at the beginning with opo necklace, because I would've been fine, didn't even get to use the rest of my potions.

Went in with Opo-opo Necklace, Icarus Wing, 9 Hi-Potion, Sleeping Potion, Persikos au Lait, Sole Sushi

I was going to buy a second Behemoth Knife +1, but didn't really have the money.. so just used Bone Knife +1 for my off hand weapon. I messed up alot in this fight because I was really nervous, and not looking at timers so I was button mashing alot.. even left to soon before I had 100TP, which wasted time.. Went in, DE'd, missed with first step, but it didn't really matter, she DE'd on me once which hurt >,< but the rest of her WSs were friendly. 2 hour'd at the end, didn't really need it, but wanted to be safe

I decided with attack and accuracy gear, over evasion and haste. Base gear used Behemoth Knife +1, Bone Knife +1, Scorpion Harness, Zeal Cap, Tarasque Mitts. Life Belt, Dancer's Tights, Spectacles, Amemet Mantle +1, Dancer's Shoes, Ecphoria Ring, Assailant's Ring, Spike Earring x2, Smart Grenade,

Macro'd in gear Dancer's Casaque(For Curing waltz) Dancer's Bangles(For steps) Dancer's Tiara(For Samba at the end, after 2 hour) Tiger Stole/ Bastokan Subligar (For WS)

So all and all 1/1 on this fight, which was my first limit break =) even if someone as a mess as me can do it with ease, you should have no problem

Also if interested my Evasion skill was 191 and Dagger was 228



-Eleyna, Quetzalcoatl August, 9 2010

Laila Strategy [15]

So, I went in expecting a hard fight after reading these strategies... I don't know if was pleased or disappointed, but it was surprisingly easy. First off: I used 0 health pots, I did NOT use Trance. I did use a Sheep Jerky but that wasn't necessary. I did NOT use a Blink Band, the Opo-opo Necklace+Sleeping Potion method, or any other prep work.

Gear: 2 Behemoth Knife +1s, War Hoop, Empress Hairpin, Chivalrous Chain, 2 Beetle Earring +1s, Scorpion Harness, Dancer's Bangles, Grace Ring, Unyielding Ring, Amemet Mantle +1, Virtuoso Belt, Dancer's Tights. Dancer's Tiara and Dancer's Casaque were macroed for Waltz. Skills: Dagger = 230, Evasion = 230, Parrying = 150.

I used Haste Samba, built up 5 levels from Quickstep, then started on Box Step. Reverse Flourish every 4 Finishing Moves. Curing Waltz IV when needed. When I had over 100% TP and at least 4 FMs, I would use Dancing Edge and immediately Reverse Flourish. I finished at 5 minutes and 32 seconds with about 700 HP after using my 2nd Dancing Edge.

I bought Hi-Potions expecting to need them... didn't use a single one.

Shalidar 02:52, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

Laila Strategy [16]

Just a (gimpy) amalgam of some of the more recent strategies, especially Shalidar and Akaden's. I went 1/1 on this fight. I apologize for how long this is!

I imagine this fight was pretty challenging back in the days of only using one dagger, but rest assured, the fight is really only tough if you get very unlucky. DNC is my first job to 70 since I quit 4 years ago, so I'm hardly an advanced player, and this was pretty simple. I did wait until LV70 so I could use Behemoth Knives. I still recommend doing that -- don't be impatient; you'll waste time losing (and money) if you can't wait til 70.

I brought 15 hi-potions, an icarus wing, and accidentally left my persikos au lait in my Mog House (oops!). For me, the fight took about 5 minutes -- and one of those minutes was spent frantically searching my bags for the au lait. I didn't even get to use the Icarus Wing, because I waited so long to use it that when I went to go for a DE > Wing > DE the first DE killed her. I used one Sole Sushi.

I did take the time to cap dagger and evasion the day before (this is my first job to 70 since I returned to FFXI). It honestly doesn't hurt, so go do it and you'll give yourself a huge, free leg up on the fight. Go to Boyhada Tree and stab some crabs when it's time, then let two Moriouches wail on you for a while to get your evasion capped.

My gear was pretty basic and came from suggestions from the above handful of strategies, mostly what I could get my hands on at the time: Scorpion Harness, Ecphoria Ring, Assailant's Ring, Tarasque Mitts, Chivalrous Chain, Headlong Belt (ran into Chonchon that day, but I was planning to just use Life Belt -- I didn't miss much anyway), Behemoth Knife x2, Amemet Mantle +1, Smart Grenade (go quest it, trust me, and get rid of any of your ranged attack macros, and take your War Hoop out of any gear switch macros or you'll lose your TP any time you switch), AF macroed in where needed, AF pants and shoes.

I only used about 7 hi-potions, mostly at the start of the fight while I was focusing on building steps and TP. Don't bother with the sleep/TP method -- like someone else has said before, it's a time waster and you'll get plenty of TP just smacking Laila in the face for 30 seconds (and you'll get headway on your damage against her). Chocobo Jig and get yourself up to the platform ASAP, then just start wailing on her.

Stack Boxstep or Quickstep, just so long as you're getting those Finishing Moves. I barely remembered to cash them in for TP because I was nervous, and was even tossing steps when I was already at a full 5 FMs. Dancing Edge whenever you have the TP, don't sit on it. If she Trances, go ahead and Trance if you like -- it probably won't be necessary, but there's no reason not to and it will give you a moment to get your bearings again. While Trance is up, forego the potions for Cure IV and throw a little Samba on it if you have the TP (I went with Drain, but Haste would work just as well). My Trance basically faded right before she went down. I didn't bother trying to remove any of her steps.

Laila got off a Viper Bite and two Dancing Edges. She WILL get tired of you and spam weapon skills if you take too long as mentioned above, but that's avoidable if you head in and start fighting ASAP and don't waste time with the sleep/TP trick. And if you don't wind up searching for items for a whole minute like I did. :)

My advice for a quicker, smoother fight -- don't make new macros, just copy the ones you're used to; add a hi-potion macro if you want to use them early on to make things easier. Being unable to pull off Building Flourish, Wild Flourish, or even not using an Icarus Wing will NOT be a dealbreaker in this fight, so just focus and handle it like any other fight with the addition of the hi-potions for cures and you'll beat her senseless. One of the biggest problems for people with LB5 fights is getting out of their element with macros they aren't used to (and I fell prey to it this time, too). --Calliste-Siren 21:30, August 28, 2011 (UTC)

Laila Strategy [17]

Not too much to this fight, as long as you keep your cool!

Took Sole Sushi before trading DNC testimony to Laila, and Persikos au Lait as soon as I entered the BC.

There should be no need to heal yourself before you get off the first Weapon Skill combo!

Concentrated on Quick Step to 4, Reverse Flourish, Quick Step again to get an additional 2 Finishing Moves, Normal attack until over 100% TP then Wild Flourish macroed to Dancing Edge, Icarus Wing, Dancing Edge. At this point, as said several times above, Laila will be at 40-50%. At this point heal yourself with Hi-Potion I went through 6 or so. Pop them over and over again until you are back at full health, then go back to Quick Step to 4 and Dancing Edge. This time however don't waste the extra time going for the extra 2 FMs to get the Scission Skillchain, there is no need. I popped Trance at this point to re-heal and add Drain Samba, but my next normal hit stopped the fight at 3 min 41 sec. Finished with 672/1071 HP.

Gear was nothing special: 2 Behemoth Knife and AF gear, 1 ring, 1 earring, and a crappy cloak I got in the AH for like 20k gil.

-Andonstinae, Asura Server

Laila Strategy [18]

I pretty much followed the 2nd strategy. But the fight was simple, I beated her at my first try. Lvl 70, Dagger, eva and parrying capped at 233. 1 Persikos au Lait, 1 crab sushi, 1 icarus wing and 10 Hi Potions (i just used 7). Behemot knife x2, dancer tiara, boots, pants and bangles, scorpion harness. Used trance when 399hp left (and 4 hi-p). I oppened with Quickstep and then mixed 1 and 1 quick and box. after first time 100%TP used dancin edge then icarus then dancin edge again. Finished with Bismarck server clear time record for "A Furious Finale" it was 5 minutes, I beat her in 3 minutes, 56 seconds. Finished with 821/1083hp

-Sackk, Bismarck-