This is the first Paladin Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.
Start NPC Ailbeche - Northern San d'Oria (J-9)
Requirements Paladin 40+
Repeatable Yes, after AF is complete
Reward Honor Sword
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Father and Son and A Knight's Test A Boy's Dream


From this point on, the quest can be completed on any job. You should not use AOE, as the fight takes place in an area with (normally non-aggressive) level 80+ mobs.

  • Head to Ordelle's Caves, entering from the western most entrance at (F-7) from La Theine Plateau.
  • From the first map, head east to the ramp at (I-6). This puts you on the second map. Head southwest to the room at (G-8), then take a left. Next, head south up the ramp at (H-9). This puts you back on the first map. The Stalagmite is next to the hole in the first small room.
  • Select the Stalagmite to spawn and defeat the NM Polevik, an Earth Elemental.
    • Can be defeated on any job, as long as quest is active.
    • Should be level 65+ to solo the fight.
    • Has been soloed as a level 44 PLD with trusts. (EDIT: Just solo'd at PLD42/WAR21 with 4 trusts.)
  • Touch the Stalagmite again to receive the Key ItemOrdelle Whetstone.
  • Talk to Ailbeche to complete the quest.

Game Description

Ailbeche (Parade Grounds, Northern San d'Oria)
The boy needs a whetstone to sharpen an old blade. Find one for him in Ordelle's Caves.