Self-proclaimed rebel


Involved in Quests

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Dialogue concerning Rainemard:

Shanene: Rainemard...
Hoo, boy! The story-worries my brother could tell you about him!
Shanene: Quite a pleasantaru man, with a lovely family. Especially that daughter of his.
Shanene: A shame his wife passed away, because boy--she was something else! So he had to hire a wetaru nurse for their child since...well, there're some things a man just can't do!
Shanene: And of course, the hired help requires more than just gratitude. So he got a couple job-wobs on the side, including mercenary and detective work.
Shanene: Uwaaa, what a tragic tale! Look my eyes have gone all puffy-wuffy!
Shanene: All this, and you'll never find a more pious man anywhere in the three nation-wations. Where fate can't save him, Altana surely will.
Shanene: But the churches in San d'Oria bear him no love. How sad.
Shanene: Hang on a minute--you've seen his swordsmanship firstaru hand, haven't you?
Shanene: His prowess is undeniable, even by a skeptic-weptic like me! The nobles in San d'Oria agreed, and sent their children to partake of his tutelage.
Shanene: With all the comings and goings, he naturally heard more rumors than housewives at bizaars during a sale.
Shanene: If you ask me, there's nothing wrong with being a fountain-wountian of knowledge, but Murana-Karina worried about him endlessly, saying that he might know too much.
Shanene: My brother said it was his duty to protectaru his friend's daughter, should anything go awry.
Shanene: Rainemand has his troubles, just like any of us.
Shanene: But if he were by your side, you'd have naught to fear-wear!
Shanene: He's an understanding, generous man. I know he would be honored-wonored that you even thought to seek his help.