Start NPC Esha'ntarl - Ru'Lude Gardens (-)
Requirements Awakening Complete
Storms of Fate Complete
Items Needed KeyItemNote Written by Esha'ntarl
KeyItemPromyvion - Dem Sliver
KeyItemPromyvion - Holla Sliver
KeyItemPromyvion - Mea Sliver
Repeatable No
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Storms of Fate
Apocalypse Nigh


After completely finishing Storms of Fate (including the final, post-battle cutscene in Ru'Lude Gardens), you must wait until the next game day to activate this quest.

Game Description

Esha'ntarl (Audience Chamber, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Strange readings have been recorded from the Emptiness surrounding the mothercrystals. Travel to the crags of Holla, Dem, and Mea and investigate the coordinates where this phenomenon is occurring.

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