Job Ability

  • Roots enemy in place.
  • Obtained: Ranger Level 40
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: :30, although it can be removed if the target is attacked, or is affected with a DoT spell.


  • Target gains the effect of Bind.
  • Apart from a few NM's who are immune to Bind, Shadowbind cannot be resisted.
  • Cannot be removed with Erase.
  • Shadowbind cannot be used unless an appropriate ranged weapon and ammo is equipped.
  • Using Shadowbind will expend 1 of your ammo, whether it be an arrow, bolt, or bullet.
  • Hunter's Bracers, Hunter's Bracers +1, and Orion Bracers extend the duration of Shadowbind by 10 seconds while Orion Bracers +1 extends it by 12 seconds.
  • Shadowbind will wear off after the monster takes damage.
  • Shadowbind does not work on sky gods when set as a support job. (Further testing needed, this was attempted with RNG set as support job, but RNG main job is only level 42. Perhaps this works the same as BST charm where success rate is increased by the actual level of the support job.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja Shadowbind <t>