Mission Name Set Free
Number 1-1-3
Level 3
Items Needed Bee Pollen x 3 OR

Mandragora Dewdrop x 3

Reward Copper Voucher OR

Key ItemGilgamesh's introductory letter

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Emissary from the Seas The Beginning
Replay Cutscenes
Set Free Battal Selbina (H-8)
Set Free Mathele Mhaura (H-9)


* It is not necessary to do both paths.
* Zoning between getting the quest and turning in the items in not necessary. If you have the items when you start the quest, you can just trade them to continue.

Selbina Path

Mhaura Path

  • Trade Ekokoko three Mandragora Dewdrops, which drop from Pygmaioi in Tahrongi Canyon, to receive a cutscene and your reward, and trigger the next mission, The Beginning.
    • The drop rate for the Mandragora Dewdrops is quite low, with Treasure Hunter 8 it is about 20%, considerably less without. If doing the quest with a group be prepared for the farming to take some time due to the Pygmaiois being spread out over a wide area.

You will get a Key ItemGilgamesh's introductory letter instead of a Copper Voucher if you have not yet done one of the subjob quests (Elder Memories - The Old Lady) in Mhaura or Selbina. This key item allows you to instantly complete either of those two quests.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The town's leader has informed you that Gilgamesh is looking for a particular adventurer and that he wants some goods. Mhaura: three mandragora dewdrops from pygmaioi. Selbina: three clumps of bee pollen from huge wasps.