This is one of the many worlds of FFXI. It was activated to alleviate overcrowding on the other servers. Its original population consisted of players world shifted from Bahamut, Shiva, Titan, Ramuh, Sylph, Valefor, Alexander, Leviathan, Diabolos, Caitsith, Pandemonium, and Cerberus Servers. Announced at VanaFest 2010, Seraph will merge with Bismarck after the March 2010 update.

ID Number: 25

Activation Date: March 13, 2003

Deactivation Date: March 22,2010

History in the FF Series

Final Fantasy VI
Seraphim (JP), Sraphim (EN SNES/PS1]), Seraph (GBA)
Seraph is an Esper who only appears in Final Fantasy VI. She is a healing Esper, appearing as a female angel with long brown hair, white feathered wings, and a flowing purple dress rising up towards a beam of light. Her Magicite (the remains of an Esper) could be purchased from a thief in the woods by the Inn in the town of Tzen in the World of Balance for 3000 Gil or in the World of Ruin for 10 gil.


"Angel Feathers" (GBA), "Reviver" (SNES/PS1)- restores a moderate amount of HP for all allies (FFVI)


Final Fantasy VI

No Bonuses added to Stats at Level Up:

Spells Learnable: (Magic Aquisition Rate) Cure (x20) Regen(x10) Cura (x8) Raise (x5) Esuna (x4)

Historical Background

Seraphim originated in Jewish belief as celestial beings with human forms. This led to their identification in Christianity as angel. In Medieval Christian belief, Seraphim (plural of Seraph) were 1 of 9 categories (choirs) of angels, depicted as angelic faces surrounded by 6 wings radiating outward from that face (they had no bodies, resembling wheels). They are said to emit such a radiant light, no one, not even divine beings can discern their form. In the 4th-5th Centuries CE, the hierarchy was:

First Tier
(Closest to God)
Second Tier Third Tier
(Farthest from God)
Seraphim Principalities Dominions
Cherubim Virtues Archangels
Thrones Powers Angels

However, by the Middle Ages, the hierarchy was revised to the following:

First Tier
(Closest to God)
Second Tier Third Tier
(Farthest from God)
Seraphim Dominions Angels
Cherubim Virtues
Archangels Principalities


Regardless of the arrangement, Seraphim were in the highest tier and the highest choir in that tier (the closest of all angels to God). They were said to be the caretakers of God's throne, working to keep perfect order in the Divine. Seraphim purify things with an all-consuming flame and they never stop working and their energy never falters, nor their zeal. As such, they are described in very fiery terms. They are said to "burn with the fire of charity" (Charity was known as one of the Heavenly Virtues, the most important one).

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