Job Ability

  • Limits TP cost of next weapon skill to 1000.
  • Obtained: Samurai Level 40
  • Recast Time: 0:05:00
  • Duration: 0:01:00, or until a weapon skill is used
  • Distance: Self


  • No matter how much TP the user has when they use their weapon skill with Sekkanoki activated, it will always have a TP modifier of only 1000. TP Bonus modifiers on equipment such as Hagun will not function for weapon skills performed under Sekkanoki status.
  • Unlike with Meikyo Shisui, TP is still gained normally from melee attacks, as well as from the weapon skill performed, while under Sekkanoki status.
  • Modifier appears to be different during Campaign BattleExclamation
  • If the target goes out of range when using a Weapon Skill and Sekkanoki is active, you will lose only 1000 TP and Sekkanoki will still be active.
  • Weapon Skills can be affected by Double Attack during Sekkanoki.
  • Does not wear when used with Chain Affinity but still consumes 1000 TP.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Sekkanoki" <me>
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