This is the third Scholar Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF3.
Start NPC Erlene - The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8)
Requirements Scholar Level 50+
Items Needed Unaddressed Sealed Letter
Porting Magic Transcript
Title Granted Summa Cum Laude
Repeatable No
Reward Scholar's Mortarboard
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Downward Helix Survival of the Wisest



  • Buffs DO wear upon entry.
  • You do not need to fight as Scholar to complete the fight and complete this stage of the quest.
  • You will be transported to the Ruhotz Silvermines for a battlefield event against Ulbrecht.
  • Will cast the following spells: Regen II, Cure IV, Protect III, Shell III, Drain, Aspir, Dispel, Sleep, and all Tier III elemental nukes.
  • Attacks with a dagger. Deals ~50 damage against average defense.
  • Seems to have fairly high accuracy.
  • Every minute, he will use a random Dark Arts Stratagem. These Stratagems do not wear off when he casts a spell, and last for the minute until he uses another one.
  • His Stratagems are stronger versions of players' Stratagems. Alacrity will make his spells instant cast, Manifestation will make all of his spells Area of Effect, and Ebullience will significantly boost his elemental and healing spells.
  • Is immune to Silence and builds resistance to Sleep quickly(first Sleep II may stick without Elemental Seal, however subsequent attempts at sleeping will more than likely require ES). Other status effects, including Stun, seem to have a normal chance for landing.
    • Seems to be resistant to Repose, WHM could not land with capped Divine Magic despite two attempts.
    • Fairly succeptible to Head Butt as long as it's not spammed, repeated use will make him resist the stun, but if you lay off for a short while, the resistance seems to recede.
  • At 50% HP, he will use Tabula Rasa. While under its effect, his Stratagems do not wear off, allowing him to cast spells under the simultaneous effect of all of his Stratagems.
  • His storm spells decrease the damage done by Elemental Magic of the same element. For example, Thunderstorm decreases damage done by Thunder based spells.
  • At 20% HP, he gives up and the battle ends.
  • Trusts can be summoned for this fight.

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Erlene (The Eldieme Necropolis (S), Batallia Downs (S)) (J-8)
Ulbrecht's maniacal machinations have been made clear, and only one person holds the key to tracking him down. Find Professor Schultz!