Start NPC Jonette - Tavnazian Safehold (G-9)
Requirements Chains of Promathia; access to Sacrarium
Items Needed Optional:
Bronze Key
(Only needed if you do the quest in Phomiuna Aqueducts; can also use Thief's Tools if your main job is set to Thief)
Repeatable Once per conquest Tally
Reward Page from Miratete's Memoirs
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Spice Gals Elderly Pursuits


  • Speak with Despachiaire at (K-10) on the top floor of the Tavnazian Safehold for an initial cutscene.
    • Despachiaire is behind the Walnut Door at K-9.
    • There are a number of cutscenes triggered by talking with Despachiaire. Keep at it until he mentions his past as a merchant.
    • Activate the Records of Eminence objective Miratete 2 (W) under 15th Vana'versary IV for free sparks.
  • Next, go to Jonette at (G-9) on the middle floor of the Tavnazian Safehold to receive the quest.
  • The cookbook that she seeks can be found in one of four rooms in the Sacrarium or one of four rooms in Phomiuna Aqueducts.

Option 1: Sacrarium

A ??? will appear on the backside of a bookshelf (not to be confused with the ??? on the desks) in the four corner rooms (H-5, F-5, H-11, F-11). Upon selecting the ??? you will receive a Key ItemTavnazian Cookbook.

    • The ??? stays in each room for exactly 10min Earth time (4h10m game time) and will then disappear for 10sec Earth time (4m10s game time) before appearing in the next room. Thus it is possible to check all four rooms and miss it because of this short period of being gone.
    • The pattern of movement is NE (H-5) -> NW (F-5) -> SE (H-11) -> SW (F-11) -> NE (H-5) and so on in that order.

Option 2: Phomiuna Aqueducts

  • The cookbook can be found in one of the four libraries in Phomiuna Aqueducts (map 3).
  • The ??? for the key item rotates between the rooms at (F-7), (F-9), (J-7), (J-9).
    • The third map is comprised of two completely distinct areas that are not connected. You must climb up different ladders to reach each section.
      • The time the ??? spends in reach room seems to be 10 minutes, like in Sacrarium. Verification Needed
  • You will need a Bronze Key from the Fomors in the Aqueducts or some Thief's Tools with your main job set as Thief to get past a locked gate to reach the third map of Phomiuna Aqueducts.
  • To reach the possible ??? locations at F-7 and F-9, go the same path as in Distant Beliefs (Use Bronze Key at (G-8) of the second map, then climb the ladder at (E-8).
  • To reach the possible ??? locations at (J-7) and (J-9), use a Bronze Key at (J-6) of the second map and climb the ladder at (M-8).
    • This path is much shorter.



  • Note: If you started Promathia Mission 5-3 by talking to Cid you can't start this quest until you have reached a certain point in the mission.
  • Note: If you have already done the quest once, to repeat just talk to Jonette and she will thank you and ask you to bring any other cookbooks you find to her. That will re-activate the quest in your log.

Game Description

Jonette (Tributary, Tavnazian Safehold)
Jonette's dream is to revitalize the safehold's children by serving them an array of traditional Tavnazian dishes. However, she needs a cookbook to fulfill that dream.